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How Can We Help Our Son Through Difficult Times?

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Lynn: “My son who is in college has always been very happy, outgoing and sociable. However, he was diagnosed four years ago with Type 1 Diabetes. He has handled it very well for the most part but is moodier and […]

Should I Be Earning More Money?

Myra: “I am a doctor and have been working part-time and also for charity for the past 3 years. This gives me time to attend to my home and family as well, and I have also had a lot of […]

How to Help Another’s Self-Confidence

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Beatrice: “My son is a kind, thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, and good-looking young man. Yet he lacks self-confidence no matter how hard I’ve tried to motivate him. Since his dad suffers from depression, I am wondering if he has the same […]

Disciplining Young Adults

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Theresa: “I married a man who has four daughters. We’ve had the two youngest living with us and now the 20-year-old has come, too. She is very disrespectful, will not help around the house, and sleeps until 11 every day. […]

Married with Step Children

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Renee: “My husband and I are fighting a lot lately. We both have children from our previous marriages. He says I don’t spend enough time with his kids and that I am putting my kids’ activities ahead of theirs. I […]

Empty Nest – Finding Your New Life Purpose


John: “I am a divorced male who has raised three children. As the last one goes off to college, I find myself very lonely as a single empty-nester. I find that I have nothing that I derive joy from in […]