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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Gratitude and Financial Blessing

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Lynn: “My husband is struggling in a job where the management wants to get rid of employees whose base salaries are higher. It is so stressful. He wants to start an independent venture and we need financial blessing. I try […]

Should I Be Earning More Money?

Myra: “I am a doctor and have been working part-time and also for charity for the past 3 years. This gives me time to attend to my home and family as well, and I have also had a lot of […]

How Can I Earn a Living Helping Others?

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Nina: “I recently completed a course in angel therapy because I genuinely believe angels exist and are always willing to help us. I also underwent Reiki training and understand thoroughly the importance and effects of our chakras being balanced. What […]

Feeling Separate from God’s Love

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Dan: “I would like to know how to receive favor from God in restoration of my finances and my health. I made some bad choices after the passing of my Mom, and many aspects of my life have been affected. […]

Unanswered Prayer


Lee: “I am an aspiring student. My question is, why is it that people of God at times are denied favor? For instance, I have been praying that God would help me to raise funds so that I can further […]

When God Doesn’t Seem to Hear

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Kim: “I am a teen mother with one child. Her father and I are doing everything possible to get stable jobs to pay our bills. I cry out for help over and over and I feel as if God can’t […]

Charging for Spiritual Services

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Tina: “I do energy work and am wanting to move forward in expressing my Divine Destiny, to be of service in the highest way, but I feel I am waiting for something. Guidance, perhaps, or a new technique, or even […]

In Giving We Receive


Lana: “I am 50 years old, single, and have no family living near me. I was Catholic and Christian for more than 40 years. Several years ago I attended a new thought church, and this started me on a much […]

Why Do I Keep Manifesting Financial Struggle?


Scott: “I have studied many spiritual materials like A Course in Miracles and I do experience a great sense of well-being. My relationships are more honest and loving, and I feel blessed and connected in most aspects of my life. […]

Nigerian Christian Ministers Hustling for Money

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I recently saw a documentary about a group of Nigerian Christian ministers in Africa making money hand over fist because they were convincing people that the only way to become wealthy was to give their money away, and that wealth, […]