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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

I Believe in the Power of Music

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Imagine a world without music. Where there’s never a song to sing to, never the chance to pick up a guitar and pour out your soul. Imagine never having a groove to move to.  Imagine never getting to write a […]

Two Poems About the Newtown, CT School Killings


One Mind, One Pain He killed his mother And shot the children too What caused this deceit of suffering He could no longer bear   What would have made The difference between life and death Holy Child Your innocence remains […]

Love’s Perspective on Newtown, CT Killings

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My tears were real as I watched the horror unfold yesterday. Innocence slaughtered, grief erupting as we were all left to understand “What happened?”  and “How can this happen here?” This morning I asked Holy Spirit, nay I demanded a […]

A Reflection on Prayer

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It’s Thursday, April 8th, 2004. I’m sitting in my doctor’s waiting room, as always waiting to be received. In two days’ time it will be Easter, exactly sixteen years have passed since I first walked, frightened and almost without hope, […]


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The heat and humidity assaulted my senses as I took my Keesha for her morning walk, before sunrise. Pale light brought out the blue in the sky. A few clouds fluffed their way around, waiting their turn to be set […]

Ageing, Downsizing and Finding Trust

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Who is that woman in the mirror? She has on my favorite dress but, man! Does she look awful in it! Her belly sticks out and the fabric stretches over her fanny! No, she can’t be me. I’m the same […]

That Which is Never Lost

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Having just recently divested myself of most of my worldly possessions has taken its toll on me. The psychological and physical pains I have been experiencing are acute. Morning time is always easier for me as I experience some temporary […]

Creativity and Connecting with The Divine

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Ageing is a peculiar thing. While the body breaks down in many little and large ways, the mind continues. We do not wish to fixate on issues that have plagued us over a lifetime. I was reminded of that when […]

Love is Always a Choice

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Love: This is Who/What we Truly are…even when situations present themselves to try to convince us this is NOT Who/What we Truly are, we are still Love. It is challenging, though…and takes intention and determination to focus on the “NOW” […]

Soul Journey to Love: 100 Days to Inner Peace

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After participating in the one year Voice for Love Embodiment Program in 2010, I began writing daily from the inner Voice for Love. I just went where my heart led me. Little did I know that this would turn into […]