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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

All about being the great Soul that I Am


We receive a lot of e-mails from people who are deeply impacted by the 5 Steps we teach for hearing God’s Voice. A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a gentleman named Norman, who was going through our […]

[VFL Update] How Can I Heal My Relationship with My…

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As usual, we have some beautiful messages to share with you today from The Voice for Love within you. That’s right, this Divine Voice is within you and every one else in the world. There is only one Divine Voice […]

How to Know If the Ego Is Tricking You


Robert: “I have been trying to discern divine guidance but have had some trouble because the thoughts I hear in response have been repetitive and reactive and include wording like, ‘You have to… You must…’ I don’t know if this […]

A New Year’s Resolution from Holy Spirit


With a new year come new resolutions to change and better ourselves. Yet we more often fall short of those resolutions than fulfill them. So I asked Holy Spirit, how can I love myself when I’m not meeting any of […]

Getting Unstuck So Our Light Can Shine


Have you ever found yourself stuck, not able to move forward with something that you want to do, something that would be beneficial to yourself and others? It’s almost as if you’re standing at a precipice and the next step […]

How to Quit Smoking

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Hilda: “I have a problem and that is smoking. The habit of smoking is taking much thought and energy away from me. I know that I use it to hide from God and the truth about myself. I want to […]

Receiving God’s Message of Love

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As a mentor for students in the Voice for Love program, I notice how very often we belittle or dismiss as banal a Holy Spirit message we receive that simply says “I love you” or “You are loved!” Thinking about […]

The Journey from Anxiety to Peace


Recently, circumstances have unfolded that have sent me on the roller coaster ride of managing the pervasive grip of anxiety, immobility, self-criticism, doubt, fear, and resistance to how life is showing up for me at this time. Over the past […]

Through Your Eyes: A Poem About Seeing the World thru God’s Eyes


Through Your Eyes Holy Spirit today I choose to see this world through your eyes To know Love in every moment fully experiencing the joy of living that I may share healing with my Brothers and Sisters To know our […]

Faith, Fear and Finances

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Recently, in my work as a spiritual counselor, Rob wrote to me because he was worried about finances and how to move forward in life. He was feeling somewhat stuck, and I presented Rob’s concerns to Spirit for guidance. Here […]