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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Obedience to God or Simply Following His Voice?


I like reading other people’s articles on hearing God’s voice. I found one the other day called, “Hearing God’s voice in the buzz of the day.” I liked what Tricia Ward had to say. She stressed the importance of “quality […]

Feeling Perfect When We Join with God

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There is a new book out by John Meacham entitled, “Divine Revelation: a call from Christ to join the armies of Heaven.” in the book, Jon shares his experience of joining with Jesus within him, “My body felt light as […]

Through Your Eyes: A Poem About Seeing the World thru God’s Eyes


Through Your Eyes Holy Spirit today I choose to see this world through your eyes To know Love in every moment fully experiencing the joy of living that I may share healing with my Brothers and Sisters To know our […]

Hearing God’s Voice in Hard Times


Several months ago I was struggling with my job which was not working out at all and was a source of great stress, especially since I had picked up and left everything and everyone I knew to move 2,000 miles […]

God’s Puzzle – Completing the Puzzle that is Source


November 18, 1999 “It is not life experience that teaches a baby to laugh. She is born with a spark of God, and that part of her remains intact. She is whole in her totality, though God is incomplete without […]

Should God Cost Money? Charging Money For God!


I published the below article about one year ago. Given some of the lively conversations we’ve recently had on our discussion forum, I thought I would re-share this article with you. Perhaps it will be some good food for thought […]

The Voice for Love Video Logo


Hi everyone! For the past 7 days I’ve been working very hard on creating a free video training series that I’m going to be releasing in October. I just finished shooting my last video and can’t wait to share them […]

Following Your Heart to God


Today there are so many different authors, speakers, and teachers – each with their own methods, means and tools for increasing our spiritual connection. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which method, which program, or which book or article […]

Will My Sons and I Be Okay?


Mary Jo: “I just need to know that my two sons and I will be okay spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. I worry every minute of the day about us since my husband passed away, and I ask God for […]

God Has Spoken Today


Did you hear a bird sing after the rain stopped this afternoon? Did you notice the uplifting lyrics playing on the coffee shop radio as you picked up your morning coffee? Perhaps you overheard a mother’s farewell call to a […]