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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Soul Journey to Love: 100 Days to Inner Peace

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After participating in the one year Voice for Love Embodiment Program in 2010, I began writing daily from the inner Voice for Love. I just went where my heart led me. Little did I know that this would turn into […]

Moving Beyond Self-Sabotage

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Fiona: “I feel powerless to help myself. No matter what amazing insights I have and help I receive, I consistently make choices to make sure I do not engage with life in anything like an authentic manner. Life is passing […]

Seeking God’s Guidance To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams


Noah: “I am a long-time student and have a Spiritual Center. I am not clear how I can best serve with the talents and love that I have. There is nothing happening at the Center and I am willing to […]

Are Soulmates Real?

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Helen: “I am a single professional woman. I have never been married and I do not have any children. I had all but given up on ever finding someone and then, a while back, I met a man online with […]

How the 5 Steps Enhance the Vision of My Heart

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There is softness, filled with a blanket of gratitude, which accompanies my perception of my world when I am immersed in the vision of my heart. Here I was, five days after returning from a cruise, still identifying with the […]

Charging for Spiritual Services

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Tina: “I do energy work and am wanting to move forward in expressing my Divine Destiny, to be of service in the highest way, but I feel I am waiting for something. Guidance, perhaps, or a new technique, or even […]

Finding Love in a New Relationship

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Donna: “I am 53 and just started dating again two years ago. I am seeing a man who is kind, generous, thoughtful and caring. The problem is, often he becomes very negative and won’t answer if I call, stays locked […]

Trust is the Foundation for Happiness

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How can I be happy in the world? This is the usually, unspoken, question behind most of the spiritual seeking in my life. Happiness was always the carrot that dangled in front of myopic eyes. It changed in size, shape, […]

Mindfulness of God When Life Gets Busy

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Anna: “My question is very practical. When I get too focused on tasks and my to-do list and ideas, I kind of lose God and all my time is spent doing other stuff. How do I find balance in pursuing […]

Guidance on Hearing the Holy Spirit


Tim: “I have been trying to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and I almost think that I’m not good enough to hear Him. I know He is always speaking but I can’t seem to hear Him. Also, I […]