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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Release the Hurt that Blocks Me?

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Abigail: “I was abused and neglected growing up, and kicked out of home as a teenager. I am now 50 and although I have a few siblings I keep in touch with, I have always been an outsider in my […]

Feminism versus Masculinity

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Last Monday, a study group to which I belong, was debating which spiritual book to study next. One that was up for consideration involved promoting feminism in the world, in answer to a world gone wrong, which generally ignores the […]


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The heat and humidity assaulted my senses as I took my Keesha for her morning walk, before sunrise. Pale light brought out the blue in the sky. A few clouds fluffed their way around, waiting their turn to be set […]

How to Regain Self-Esteem

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Ginger: “Previously I was in a relationship where I was put down a lot and made to feel like I wasn’t worth anything. I got very depressed and had to see a doctor and a therapist to help me get […]

Reality versus Imagination

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Is our life experience “real?” Is anything “real?” Or is it all imagined? How many times have I talked about God/Love, read inspiring books about God/Love, discussed God/Love at meetings, in groups, contemplated it in my alone times, and listened […]

Creativity and Connecting with The Divine

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Ageing is a peculiar thing. While the body breaks down in many little and large ways, the mind continues. We do not wish to fixate on issues that have plagued us over a lifetime. I was reminded of that when […]

Going Deeper into God’s Love


Christine: “I feel myself wanting to grow closer to the Lord. I have come such a long way in my life, but I have never felt quite like this before. Please help me understand what this new feeling is. I […]

Love is Always a Choice

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Love: This is Who/What we Truly are…even when situations present themselves to try to convince us this is NOT Who/What we Truly are, we are still Love. It is challenging, though…and takes intention and determination to focus on the “NOW” […]

Infidelity, Forgiveness and Peace

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Kevin: “I recently found out that my girlfriend, whom I have a son with, is cheating on me. She has done this before but when I found out the previous time, I forgave her. I am not ready to lose […]

Karma and Free Will

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Edward: “I have almost all my answers by now, but there are a few questions that still bug me. If we choose our own lives and each soul signs a contract… if each soul is pure… then how come some […]