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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Does God Exist?

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Melinda: “For months now I have not been able to stop thinking about my own death. I am extremely stressed and fearful. I just don’t have that much faith and belief that God truly exists. My question is, how can […]

What Blocks Me from God’s Blessings?

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Kayla: “Last summer my pastor told me God wants to move me higher but can’t because of my disobedience. A few months later at a revival, he told me he saw a vision of showers falling from heaven onto me […]

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Call?

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Mahalia: “I have been in my current job for almost five years now and I am applying for other positions but nothing comes my way. I am praying and thanking God every time for my breakthrough but nothing comes. It […]

Plan versus Purpose

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Like many Americans, since I was a very young child, I’ve always pondered the idea of what it is I want to be. Over the last 64 years of my life, I’ve been constantly questioning myself about the plan for […]

I Want Abundance and Prosperity

Stephanie: “I recently lost my job and have not been successful at finding employment despite my education and experience. Because of this my fiance began to put me down and my parents belittled me. All I had was my hope […]

Is the Infilling of Holy Spirit Permanent in Our Lives?


Sebastian: “I am a Christian involved in the Renewal movement. However, I need some help from your prayerful reflections on how to realize in our actual life that we have received or infilled with Holy Spirit. Is there any way […]

Thanks Giving

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The attendant offered me a pair of peach-colored ear plugs. She instructed me to lie down on the hard table, and then added ear mufflers, to lower the impact of the sound of the MRI. She warned me not to […]

What Blocks Me from God?

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Krista: “I am 24 years old and have been deaf since I was 3. I graduated from high school and went to college for a year but failed several classes and dropped out. I want to help deaf people and […]

Healing My Inner Child

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Linda: “I am writing concerning my inner child and the healing she needs very much. My background growing up was very abusive. My father did drugs and my mother physically and verbally abused me. I also got beat up by […]

How Can I Pray More Effectively?

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Ben: “When praying, should prayer be directed at God or Jesus? If we want God’s help, do we ask for help or thank Him for help?” The Voice for Love: “Dearly Beloved, thank you for expressing your heart’s longing to […]