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What Can I Do About My Wife’s Depression?

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Sean: “My wife is going through a mid-life crisis. She has suffered some business failures and is pushing me away. She says she is lost and depressed and does not know who she is anymore. She also says she never […]

How Do I Break Generational Curses?

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Jessica: “I am a mother of three daughters, one of whom has cerebral palsy. I suffer from manic depressive disorder myself. I have been trying to make something of my life but because of generational curses on my family, I […]

Healing My Inner Child

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Linda: “I am writing concerning my inner child and the healing she needs very much. My background growing up was very abusive. My father did drugs and my mother physically and verbally abused me. I also got beat up by […]

How to Help Another’s Self-Confidence

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Beatrice: “My son is a kind, thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, and good-looking young man. Yet he lacks self-confidence no matter how hard I’ve tried to motivate him. Since his dad suffers from depression, I am wondering if he has the same […]

When Happiness and Success Elude You


Ellen: “I am currently facing a lot of difficulties in my life. I was in an accident and then I lost my job. I feel that I am not succeeding in my life and every time I try to do […]

Feeling Empty of the Joy of Jesus

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Philip: “It seems I am so bummed out all the time, like there is nothing to look forward to and I’m just going through the motions each and every day. I want to get the joy of Jesus Christ in […]

Coping with a Husband’s Infidelity

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Cassandra: “I found out recently that my husband of 15 years was having an emotional affair. I am not sure if it was also physical. Now that it has been exposed, everything has stopped and we are in the process […]

Help with Depression

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Depression is like a dark whirlpool of quicksand, which sucks one down. Recently I came across and article, “Dealing with Depression: Self-Help and Coping Tips.” The article contains many excellent tips. However, it skirts the one tip that has been […]

Extending Love to Your Grief

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I was touched when I read this article about the family of Erin Peterson, one of the 31 victims of the shocking shooting incident at Virginia Tech (five years ago Apr 16).  To hear Erin’s mother Celeste say “[for] a […]

How Do I Start My Life Over Again?


Lisa: “Four months shy of our fifth anniversary, my partner began cheating on me and moved out. I had recently lost my job and did not have the money to pay the rent by myself. I got left with a […]