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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Does God Send Us Messages in Our Dreams?

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LeeAnn: “I had a dream one night that I was with a group of people and all of a sudden there was a man floating in the air calling my name. When I answered he grabbed me and we both […]

How to Wake from an Emotional Nightmare

Margaret: “I am 51 and have been a seeker for as long as I can remember. My mother gave me “A Course in Miracles” and I did the lessons every day for a year, but it is hard to fathom […]

How to Cope with Doubt

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Miranda: “My husband and I have moved with our baby to a small island. We came here to provide a safe place to raise our child and so my husband could get away from his stressful job. It was a […]

I Am Petrified With Fear

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Rita: “Two years ago my soul mate died of cancer. It was a horrible death and I tended him through it, losing my house and going into bankruptcy. Now I’m petrified of doctors and have no insurance. Please help me.” […]

Love’s Perspective on Newtown, CT Killings

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My tears were real as I watched the horror unfold yesterday. Innocence slaughtered, grief erupting as we were all left to understand “What happened?”  and “How can this happen here?” This morning I asked Holy Spirit, nay I demanded a […]

How Can I Improve My Life?

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Rose: “For the past 25 years my life has gotten worse every year: financially, career-wise, even with friends and family relationships. What must I learn or do to change and improve my life? I am 52 and want to be […]

Healing My Inner Child

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Linda: “I am writing concerning my inner child and the healing she needs very much. My background growing up was very abusive. My father did drugs and my mother physically and verbally abused me. I also got beat up by […]

How to Cope with Unemployment

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Sophie: “I lost my job about 3 months ago. I have been doing everything I possibly can to network and search for a job but as of today I haven’t found anything yet. If I don’t go back to work […]

Overcoming Deep Inner Terror

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Brad: “I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for over ten years. For a long time, despite my best efforts and many self-development courses, I still feel so tired and stuck. Every night and morning before going […]

The Hand of God in Troubled Times

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Olivia: “My life is in a mess. It seems like there is a dark side holding me back from achieving my goals. My mother has brain cancer and now she can’t see or walk any more. My boyfriend has quit […]