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Stewardship by David Hoffmeister

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David Hoffmeister is one of the most beautiful teachers of God I know. He is All Love. I recently asked him if I could share some of his writings with you. Below is a piece he wrote on Stewardship. I know you will enjoy it! It’s called “Stewardship – Accepting the Call to be of Help.”

Beloved One,

Stewardship has its Source in God, Who is the Giver of Life. In relation to this world, the mind believes it has forgotten God and is imagining a sense of incompletion and lack. The sleeping mind believes in needs and wants and seeks for abilities and things and people to satisfy these desires. The Holy Spirit meets these perceived desires as the mind Awakens, teaching the mind to release all false beliefs and concepts that made up the perceived needs and desires. Such is Stewardship. It is stepping back and allowing the Holy Spirit to take care of all the “details” of Awakening. The Holy Spirit leads to an experience of Wholeness and Completion in which there is no lack. As the sleeping mind begins to trust the Holy Spirit miracles light the way, for they show the truth of the idea “I am sustained by the Love of God.”

Stewardship is always voluntary, just as Awakening is voluntary. Unless the use of mind effort (time and skills and resources and funds and energy) is entirely voluntary there will be a sense of coercion and a host of “shoulds” “ought to’s” “musts” and “have to’s.” A steward uses what is available in the service of the Holy Spirit’s Purpose and comes to experience that Giving and Receiving are the same. The Purpose channelizes all effort in one direction, Atonement or Complete Forgiveness, and this is how perception is integrated and healed of every distortion.

Those who are Called to Stewardship have been Asked to step into their function. Whatever they seemed to possess in this world is given over to a new Purpose that will show them that it is God Which Provides and Sustains, and ultimately that there is nothing apart from Life in God. From deep within, one is Called to this holy function. The only question is whether one will choose to listen to, answer, follow, and fulfill this Call. “I am Calling you out of
the world” is the same Call that has remained constant under the shifting world of conflict and scarcity.

The message of Awakening we share has unfolded under the names “Messengers of Peace” and “Foundation for the Awakening Mind” and now “Living Miracles.”

Through the Grace of God and in the Name of God we are honored to serve and reflect the One in offering retreats and resources to those who request them. Love offering gifts and donations are gratefully accepted. We welcome all inquiries and requests from anyone with a deep, sincere desire to Awaken to Eternal Love. Always feel free to send a letter or an e-mail and feel free to call and speak with one of us or leave a voice message.

Divine Providence is the Source of Sustenance in serving the Plan of Awakening to Joy. We see that the travels and gatherings and work with brothers and sisters from all over the world have all been orchestrated by the Holy Spirit in the Plan of Awakening. We attribute all “earthly forms” of support to the Holy Spirit, for truly the miracle is the means to Awakening and the miracle encompasses all. The forms have seemed to be many and varied. The gatherings, the dvd/cd/journal offerings, the video-gatherings, the
counseling sessions, the phone sessions, the quiet retreats, and the Internet ministry have always been generously offered. Freely we have received of God, and freely we give what we have received.

The mission continues Now, inspired by the Holy Spirit’s Purpose. Christ lives in our hearts. Freely Christ has given the Gospel to live and to give, and freely we extend the Gift. It is an honor and a joy to share the Love of God, and as Jesus once said: “The messenger is worth his keep.” Everything we have ever thought we needed in serving God’s Plan has been provided. Holy Spirit watches over the Plan, and we are assured that this Watchful Care continues as long we are used in service to the Plan. He has been with us always as we carry on our simple mission. Whatever we have seemed to need, be it a car, a plane ticket, a meal, a place to stay, or a calm, gentle reminder, all our needs have been met by
Him. There is a calmness of heart in turning all perceived problems and needs over to Him and listening for His sure Guidance. The resurrection of Christ is the risen Christ, Awakened in God’s Love.

Nothing is expected and all contributions are completely voluntary. Contributions of time, skills, abilities, resources, and funds all are helpful for sharing the Purpose of forgiveness and extending inner peace. Web sites can be developed and promoted to share the ideas via print, audio, and video formats. Musical, artistic, and technical skills are very helpful for the Travel ministry and Internet ministry. Everything is simply a backdrop for Awakening for those that are attracted to the Divine Purpose of the Holy Spirit. Every seeming holy encounter is an opportunity to accept complete forgiveness and extend inner peace. Everyone who joins this mighty Purpose serves the Holy Spirit and is served by the Holy Spirit.

I and all the Messengers of Peace who share in our ministry offer a very BIG Thank You to God, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, and everyone who has joined with us to Shine the Love of God. We have been hosted and warmly welcomed here in Australia, and we plan to be back at the end of the year and stay early into next year. Our Guidance has us working closely with those who are Called to the deep, uncompromising teachings and transfer of training and peace and joy that comes from living the principles of A Course In Miracles. Thanks to you for Answering the Call to Awaken and be glad.

Love & Gratitude Eternally,