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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Spiritual Guidance: Getting Closer To God And Feeling His Love

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Phoebe: “How can I get closer to God and feel His love?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious one, you yourself are the love of God, only you do not know it. As God’s creation you could only be made from love, but because you do not know it, you cannot feel it. It is not God you need to get closer to, but yourself, for that is where spiritual guidance resides – in you.

“You yourself are love, for God resides in you. Each time you feel love, express love, act in love, give love in the world, you are expressing God. To know and feel God’s love, extend love in your world. Know that when you hug a child, help a friend, smile at a stranger, appreciate beauty, respond to anger with gentleness, forgive instead of react, comfort another’s grief – at all of these times you are feeling and expressing the spiritual guidance within you. This is how you feel close to God and know His love.

“God is not far away from you, my dear one. God is your very breath. Breathe in and imagine the spiritual guidance filling and oxygenating every cell of your body. In the same way, you are God’s breath; He is breathing you whenever you know and express the love that you are and of which you are made. Through you He is expressed whenever you love. So know that your true nature is love and express that love in all the ways that you can.

“Feel God by loving. Love God by feeling the love that you are. Open to God’s spiritual guidance in you. He is never away from you; He resides in your heart at all times. He is your very source and your being. Sit with this truth in quiet meditation and let it fill you with each deep breath. It is so simple, my dear one. Do not judge by what you see in the world but by what you feel within your heart; spiritual guidance is with you there.

“When you feel alone and disconnected from God, when you are disheartened, know that spiritual guidance is with you already. You do not have to make a journey to reach God – He is with you, now and in every moment. Know this and believe it. Go within to that quiet space and ask, ‘How can I feel your love for me today? How can I connect with you and feel your spiritual guidance? Show me what love I can express today so that I may experience my true being, which is you.’ Listen and trust what comes from your heart.

“You are a dear and loving being with much to give and share in the world. Do not hold back who you are. Know yourself as a creation of love and go forth as if God Himself empowers you, for He does. To feel His spiritual guidance, be His love in the world, and you will be greatly blessed.”