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When I Listened: Spirit Answers Life’s Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a proud and happy moment for me. As you know, the mission of The Voice for Love is to support and teach people how to connect with the divine wisdom, love, and consciousness within them to continually restore themselves to peace, love, and wholeness in their lives, as well as receive divine guidance and communication every time they want it.

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you Barbara Dutcher’s new book, When I Listened: Spirit Answers Life’s Frequently Asked Questions. Barbara Dutcher is a graduate of our one-year Voice for Love Embodiment and Certification Program and is a Voice for Love Certified Spiritual Counselor, workshop leader, and teacher.

Barbara’s book contains answers she has received in response to questions from her private clients, as well as spontaneous messages she has received from her own spiritual growth. The answers address everything from family concerns, relationship issues, grief and confusion, to fears about finding a job.

I read her book from cover to cover a few weeks ago, and the messages were truly inspiring, beautifully expressed, and contained a profound depth of truth. The book’s first crop of readers are also loving the book and have shared…

  • I love this book!
  • A beautiful book – I use it in my morning devotional time.
  • I love dipping into it like a box of chocolates.
  • This book is for people of all faiths.
  • Very poignant, calming and reassuring.

I’m so grateful for the clarity and depth of awareness the Barbra has cultivated within herself, for the clarity and depth of the divine messages she receives within her, and for her willingness to share these beautiful messages with the world.
I encourage you to click the link below now to get a copy of her brand-new book on Amazon. I know it will touch your heart and drive you ever deeper into The Voice for Love within you!

CLICK HERE to get a copy of the book now on Amazon.

With joy,

DavidPaul Doyle