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Should I Remarry, or Will I Just Feel Trapped Again?

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Sherry: “After a 20 year marriage that ended in divorce, I have now been in a serious relationship for five years. How do I discern the difference between ‘normal’ issues in a relationship versus issues that may end up making my life miserable if I marry him? Am I just afraid of feeling trapped again?”

The Voice for Love: “My Dear Beloved, know that there is a part of you that already inherently knows the answer to your question, in terms of how to discern the difference between ‘normal’ issues versus issues that may end up making your life miserable if you were to marry your current mate. Trust your heart, the Holy Spirit within, and the love within you to discern the difference. If both of you are committed to each other, then you will be able to work through any obstacle that may come your way.

“Know also that perfect love casts out fear, and where there is not perfect love, fear must exist. Since there is no thought that does not produce form on some level, then the very fear that exists within you may bring upon you this misery that you so fear. Only you know what you have the capacity to tolerate, and you know what you need and how you need to be treated, and you need not accept or settle for anything less. You also know that love is always a mutual process of giving and receiving.

“I recommend that you extend love to this emotion of fear within you, as well as all the thoughts that go along with this emotion of fear, as it is the thoughts that lead to your emotions. By sitting with your thoughts and feelings regarding the fears that you have surrounding winding up in misery, and extending love to all these thoughts and emotions, you will find that you will experience less fear and fewer thoughts of being trapped. What I mean when I say extend love to all these thoughts and emotions surrounding the fear within you, is to try to embrace all those thoughts and emotions without any judgment of any kind, just as I love you, unconditionally and without judgment.

“You can think of marriage as a lifetime assignment, in which your mate is in your life for your entire life, for better or for worse, and both of you are meant to learn from each other and teach each other something. And since it is through your fellow brothers and sisters that you come closer to God, how much love you or your mate chooses to extend, how well you communicate with each other, how willing both of you are to be humble and respectful toward each other, and how willing both of you are to be forgiving, will be deciding factors in terms of the prognosis of your marriage. Try to discern what was meant to have been learned from your past marriage, what you learned, and what you have yet to teach. Your past experiences will be a guide in terms of what is normal and what is beyond what you can tolerate. And teach only love because that is what you are.

“Always remember, too, to try to live only for the present moment, and live one day at a time, for you can choose your destiny by following the love within you. By trusting your heart, you can be assured that your chosen path will always be full of grace, love, and light. As long as both of you worship the God within each other, and salute the love within each other, you will have nothing to fear. Have trust and faith in yourself. I do.

“Extending love and blessings to you, my Dear Beloved One.”