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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Should I Be Earning More Money?

Myra: “I am a doctor and have been working part-time and also for charity for the past 3 years. This gives me time to attend to my home and family as well, and I have also had a lot of time for Bible study and meditation. I have been very happy doing this, though perhaps I am working below my capabilities. However, my husband is not at all happy with my work schedule and keeps accusing me of not earning enough. I am seeking guidance as to what I should do next.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest one, we extend to you all the love you are so willing to receive. We ask only that you do the same within your experience of the world. You have chosen to be a healer, and you correctly realized that healing begins with those closest to you. Yet, it does not end there.

“You have a lifetime ahead of you. For a very small part of that time, you have your children with you. Teach them, as you learn yourself, about the true nature of healing. It comes from the heart and mind shared with our eternal reality. From there, it extends, shedding its light to bring awareness to all. But in this world, it needs vehicles through which to extend. You are such a one. So are your children.

“Expand your volunteer work in such a manner that you can sometimes include the assistance of your children. Thus will they grow in their own awareness of what it means to extend the love within to help others to learn to do the same, so that they might heal.

“Your preparation time has been beautiful and helpful. But now it is time to expand your influence, but only that influence which has its source in your heart’s wisdom. This asks that you use your own resources and initiative to build a center of awareness of the true nature of healing, which includes the whole of a patient’s awareness. It includes teaching them how to connect with their own inner wisdom, even as they use the benefits of your own ongoing training.

“We support you in all your choices that are grounded in the peaceful awareness you nurture.”