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Should God Cost Money? Charging Money For God!


I published the below article about one year ago. Given some of the lively conversations we’ve recently had on our discussion forum, I thought I would re-share this article with you. Perhaps it will be some good food for thought ๐Ÿ™‚ Below is the original article:

Every now and then, I receive an e-mail from somebody expressing their anger, confusion, or frustration with the fact that we charge people money to receive our resources on hearing God’s voice. Every now and then, I answered the e-mails. Usually, I just delete them because I don’t have time to respond to each individually. This past month, I’ve received several e-mails from people expressing their anger or shock that we charge people money to learn how to hear God’s Voice. I thought it would be a good idea to post a universal answer that anybody can read. What you are reading now is my answer…

Why do we charge money for teaching people how to hear God’s voice?

The best way for me to share the answer with you is to tell you how we came to do this work full-time. Fifteen years ago, I created a website called www.holyunion.com. On the website, people could submit questions to the Holy Spirit, and Candace would record the answer. I would post the answer as an audio recording for anyone to listen to. All the questions and answers were available to everyone. We never charged anyone to submit questions or listen to the answers. This was pretty progressive 15 years ago.

At the time, I worked full-time in Silicon Valley, usually 40 to 50 hours per week. Candace was a full-time massage therapist. We did the website in our spare time, which usually meant a few hours per week. Over the course of seven years, we had about 300 audio messages on the website and perhaps a few thousand visitors per year.

Many people asked questions about how to hear the Holy Spirit. The answers we gave were anywhere between 5 to 10 min. long. They were just short enjoyable messages, but no real concrete instruction, no concrete step-by-step “How To.” At that time, it never occurred to us to charge people money because we had enough money with both of us working full-time.

When our daughter was born, we had little time to work on the website. We were both working full-time and spent most of our free time with our daughter. It was during this time period that we really felt the desire to teach more people how to hear God’s voice. However, we didn’t have any formal teachings, nor did we have much time to devote to it. A few hours a week was about all we had to spare with working full time and having the young child.

Eventually, one thing led to another and I quit my job at America Online where I had worked. We sold our home, liquidated our daughter’s college fund, sold everything we had, and moved to Ashland Oregon to write our first book on hearing God’s voice. It took us one year to write the book. We spent every day asking Holy Spirit questions, recording the answers, transcribing them, and putting them into a book. This eventually became our first book, The Voice for Love.

After the book was published 18 months later, we started traveling around the country teaching workshops. Within two years of leaving my job, nearly all our savings was gone. We were traveling 4 to 6 weeks at a time teaching workshops, but the money we made barely paid our bills. We were still draining our life savings each month. While very rewarding, traveling with the entire family (including our daughter) was very time-consuming and expensive. We only had a few months left of our savings, and if we didn’t figure out how to make money from doing what we loved, which was teaching people how to hear God’s Voice, we would be forced to go back to work.

Now think about this: For seven years prior to leaving my job in corporate America, we had a website where perhaps several thousand people visited and we were able to directly impact the lives of hundreds of people. That’s over the course of seven years. By working full-time and only dedicating ourselves a few hours a week to this work with the Holy Spirit, that’s how many people we were able to impact: a few hundred people.

Fast-forward to dedicating our lives full-time. Within two years of publishing our book, we had taught over 2,000 people in person how to hear God’s voice. By focusing all of our energies and resources full-time to teaching people how to hear God’s voice, we were able to impact many more people in two years that we were able to impact in seven years, and we were able to give them so much more than a simple 5 to 10 min. audio recording. We were able to work with them directly and teach them everything we knew and had learned.

Here’s the thing … Unless we were able to be financially compensated for what we were doing, we soon would not be able to continue doing it. It was just a fact. We still had bills to pay, a house to pay for, cars, car insurance, food, shelter, and clothing, and everything else it takes to survive in the world. Money wasn’t just falling from the sky, and no millionaire benefactor was waiting for us at our doorstep offering us all the money we needed to keep going. So what were we to do? If you were in our shoes, ask yourself, โ€œWhat would you do?โ€

To me, the answer was simple.

My hearts desire was to teach as many people as possible how to hear God’s voice. In order to do that full-time, people who wanted to learn how to hear God’s voice were going to have to pay us to teach them. If they didn’t compensate us financially and I wasn’t able to make a living doing this work, I would have to go back to work for somebody else, doing something completely different, and I would be right back where I was, having only a few hours every week to dedicate to helping people hear God’s voice. But if I could continue to do this full-time, and people who benefited from our teachings were willing and able to compensate us for doing so, I could reach hundreds of thousands of more people. Why would I want to go back to working a full-time job and reach hundreds of people when I could be financially compensated for all of my hard work and reach countless more people?

So that’s what we did. We started charging people money to learn how to hear God’s voice. In return, we’ve been able to continue to do this work full-time for the past eight years. By having the time and the resources to dedicate to this work, we’ve been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people over the years. We’ve been able to create DVD programs, certification programs, books, CDs, websites, and everything else that we possibly can to help people learn how to hear God’s voice. It takes money to create all of these things. It takes money to enable us to do this full-time. If we couldn’t pay our bills, we couldn’t do this work. It’s that simple. By being provided for financially from all of the people who directly benefit from our resources, we are able to give so much more. We are able to give everything we have to helping more and more people. I personally spend at least 60-70 hours per week working to help people in this way. If I wasn’t compensated for it, I would be working 60 hours per week doing something else, for somebody else, and I can guarantee you that that something wouldn’t be nearly as incredible as teaching someone how to hear God’s voice!

People often times bring up Jesus in these conversations, stating that Jesus never charged for his services. I’m guessing that he didn’t, but somebody certainly provided him with food, shelter, and clothing. And if he needed a camel or some other item to travel, somebody probably provided him with that as well. If anybody reading this article would like to support our work with the Holy Spirit, we would love to receive it. We would love to have a generous benefactor who provides for everything we need in the world and supports us in dedicating our lives full-time to this work. Are you that person? Do you know that person? If you are someone who is angry that we are charging money for our teachings, what can you personally do financial to help us bring this work into the world and support ourselves at the same time? Would you be able to continue to go to work day in and day out without receiving a paycheck? What would you do if your company said that they could no longer pay you but wanted you to continue to help them bring their work into the world full-time for free? How would you feel if they became angry that you wouldn’t give all of your time and energy to them without financial compensation?

Even churches need financial support. There isn’t a single church in the world who could keep their doors open if the members of their church didn’t provide them with the means to do so. That’s what tithing is all about. Unless you give your church money, it does not have the funds to operate. And when you walk into a church’s bookstore, do they give all of their books, T-shirts, DVDs, and recordings away for free? If so, who is paying for them? Somebody has to. Perhaps it’s all of the people who give them money every week at church. More than likely, however, everything in the church’s bookstore has a price tag on it.

By the way, did you know that The Voice for Love is a 501(c)(3) church? We are a nonprofit church. As the Senior Minister of the church, I receive a small salary, just enough to pay our personal bills. Every single order from our church bookstore (our website) goes to the church, just as it probably does at your local church.

Well, I don’t really have much more to say. If you’ve read all of this and you still believe that we shouldn’t charge any money for all of the time and energy that we put into this work, for the countless hours that we’ve dedicated over the past eight years for creating books, CDs, and programs for people to learn how to hear God’s voice in their lives, there’s really not much more that I can say to you. You’re welcome to think and believe what you want. I’m personally happy to say that I have absolutely no doubt that I am following the guidance and direction that I receive from Holy Spirit to help spread God’s love in the world. And doing that involves charging people money for all of the time, energy, and effort I put in to bringing this wonderful work into the world. Yes, it’s the most wonderful work that I could ever want to do. But it certainly wouldn’t happen if people weren’t willing to compensate me for it. I would need to get another job to pay the bills, which would truly be a shame, not just for me, but for every single person in the world who has ever or will ever learn to hear God’s Voice within them as a result of our work

Many blessings to you,

DavidPaul Doyle