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Right Livelihood


SunsetIt is a true joy to share this with you today, for a lot of different reasons actually. The one reason I’d like to share with you is the most personal one for me. Just to give you a little context so you understand why it’s so meaningful to me…

As you probably know, Candace and I teach a one-year certification program that takes up a majority of our time. Our current program has thirty students and eight staff members. Because one of the goals of the program is to make people completely independent/ autonomous in terms of being able to go within and seek guidance and direction from God with absolute confidence and certainty, once somebody finishes the program, they really don’t need us anymore.

Of course, some people stay around to become staff members, but many people complete the program and go off into the world to fulfill their purpose and mission with God, to do what they came here to do with confidence and certainty knowing they have everything they need within them to accomplish it. Developing a very strong connection, relationship, and communication with God through the program is just a stepping stone for most people. Once they have all of that, they take their next step and leave the nest so to speak. So here’s what I’m telling you all of this today…

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from one of our students who graduated several years ago from our certification program. I really haven’t had much contact with her over the past few years. Then out of the blue, she sends me an e-mail to letting me know everything she’s up to and sharing this short article that she’s written below. I’m just so proud of everything she’s doing to share God’s voice in the world since graduating from the program and becoming certified!

She has created a beautiful website called The Guide within with a lot of resources for helping people to hear God’s voice within them. She is providing a lot of spiritual counseling for people, and she has her own radio program on “News for the Soul” internet talk radio every Thursday at Noon PST, 3:00 PM EST. where she’s actually sharing the voice of Holy Spirit LIVE on the radio every week, answering people’s questions over the Internet! I think that’s just fantastic, and I’m so proud of her.

I’m so grateful to hear how much she is out there in the world doing her thing, fulfilling our purpose, inspiring and empowering others, and speaking God’s voice to those with ears to hear. So today, I’m grateful to share her article with you below on right livelihood. I also encourage you to follow the links in this e-mail which direct you to all the different things she’s doing. Who is she, you ask? 🙂 Her name is Barbara Dutcher and her website is www.theguidewithin.org. Congratulations Barbara! Keep up the great work!

With joy and gratitude,


P.S. I almost forgot 🙂 Below is Barbara’s article on …

“Right Livelihood” by Barbara Dutcher

“Spirit wants to express through you. Not just in the form of smiling, loving, encouraging, etc. but also in the ways of commerce, of sharing of your gifts. Why else would you feel yourself drawn to situations in which you can express your gifts – gifts that show themselves as things you ‘love’ to do, things you are good at, things you can easily describe or teach others, things you are so interested in that you are willing to make an in-depth study of them in order to know them in all their intricacies and to know their ins and outs. These are the areas where you are being called by Spirit to express.

“Spirit is using your body – all of it, your eyes, ears, tongue, nose, fingers, toes, legs, arms, brain – to express on Earth. In no other way can Earthly life be explained – what’s going on here? There is nothing else but Spirit. Another word for Spirit is Love. There is nothing here but Love, because that is all that exists. If you believe you are seeing something that is not Love, you are mistaken. You are seeing the results of your own madness and the collective madness you have entered into. The ways in which you are called to express your interests, skills and gifts, are the ways in which Spirit is using your current equipment –  your vehicle or body – to express to the other bits of itself.

“There are so many different words to express the very same thing, the same idea. One could just say Love. To recognize in all your seemingly mad brothers, once and for all, the one singularity of Love would end forever your perception of that madness that now seems to occupy so many of your brothers in the world.

“So, all gifts are absolutely equal. Even the so-called Master is merely expressing an aspect of your one Self. He/She is nothing that you are not. In the play of life, you yourself play all the parts – saint and sinner, winner and loser, husband / wife, son / daughter, mother / father, slave and master. So whether you are called to be an international financier or a doorman who opens the door for a financier; whether you express yourself as headmaster of a prestigious school or the domestic worker who irons the shirts of the headmaster does not matter in the slightest – it is Spirit who works through you. There is one Spirit permeating all.

” Therefore, feel free to pursue any of the paths that interest you, or invent a new path for yourself. Any livelihood can be right livelihood. You can feel confident knowing that you are following the prompting of Spirit simply because you are doing what you can do, or what you feel led to at the moment; and that is enough. Your path may change tomorrow, it matters not. All paths lead to Spirit, and another word for Spirit is Love. Go then and love through whatever it is you find yourself doing, because truthfully you are not doing, you are being, and what you are being is Love.”