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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Receiving God’s Message of Love

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As a mentor for students in the Voice for Love program, I notice how very often we belittle or dismiss as banal a Holy Spirit message we receive that simply says “I love you” or “You are loved!” Thinking about this, I was tickled this morning when I opened my diary to find a message from Holy Spirit I received a few months ago that speaks to this very point:

“Be at peace, My child, for all is well. Know how much you are loved and that you yourself are Love—infinite Love—and that you cannot be anything other than Love. ‘I know this,’ you may say; or, ‘You’re always telling me this.’ Of course I am! Because it is the truth, and I repeat: You are loved and you are Love. That is your true state and essence and until you fully understand the implication of this, these will simply be and remain futile words that will continue to irritate you.

“Why do these words of Mine irritate you? Because you have not fully brought them into your consciousness—they are only words for you, and you have not yet absorbed their vibrational power. I will continue to repeat them until they sink deeply into your being, until you absorb them and feel their essence, recognize their truth, and allow this truth to become your reality. Then they will no longer be just words, but powerful vibrations that can finally find their way to the surface to be lived and expressed.

“Take heed of this Truth and allow it to penetrate deep within you. Allow this Truth to soak into your very being so that it becomes an integral part of you and therefore your way of being, your way of life. Relax now and allow these words to remain in your heart throughout this day. May they bring you Joy, Peace and the Knowingness that we are One. There is no separation; there is only togetherness, unity and harmony.

“Blessings, My beloved, on this special day that marks the beginning of this self-realization of Who You Truly Are. YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE LOVE. So be it and so it is.”

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for this message, and may we all have a fantastic day wallowing in LOVE!