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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Reality versus Imagination

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Is our life experience “real?” Is anything “real?” Or is it all imagined?

How many times have I talked about God/Love, read inspiring books about God/Love, discussed God/Love at meetings, in groups, contemplated it in my alone times, and listened to others talk about God/Love, only to keep it all confined to the limitations of my intellect? Every now and then, I would have brief “glimpses” of what God/Love personally felt like, but nothing was sustainable, at least until a little over 4 years ago when I found the Voice for Love (VFL) teachings.

Over the years of my training with VFL, I’ve managed to sustain my personal experience and relationship with God/Love. Now this is not to say that there have been no major challenges or obstacles — actually, there have been more than ever before! Yet, through all of these times, I’ve received many gifts. For I realize that this is a time of rapid spiritual shifts in consciousness for me and many others. In order to better serve humanity (which, to me, has always been inseparable with connection to God/Love) I must tend to my own personal journey first. Compassion towards me and others is one of the greatest gifts I have received.

This may be a surprise to some, but I have come to see that the challenges and obstacles in my life have all been of my making, in order that I might “lighten my load,” so to speak, in order to be of greater service. There are many in the world today who would say that any perceived obstacles and challenges as well as everything else in the world are not “real” and that everything is merely a dream. I can understand this belief, as I have walked in it myself. What I’ve come to realize is that everything and nothing is “real” — but we all attach a feeling to everything we become aware of or perceive.

I remember as a child watching a scary movie and feeling the hair on my arms stand up. There was a time in my early childhood where I was convinced that something lived under my bed and I would often get the “heebie jeebies” just walking down my hallway towards my bedroom. Was it real? Were the scary movies real? Was there really something living under my bed that was “going to get me” or did I just imagine all of it? The scary movies were all “fake” yet; my reactions or feelings as a result of watching the movies caused a physical reaction in my body. So did the “heebie jeebies” I would get walking down my hallway at night, the cold sweat I would break out into, the “goose bumps” on my arms…were these experiences real? My feelings about what I perceived certainly were!!! They were so strong such that they manifested physical symptoms in my body!

So what is “real?” And does it matter anymore? I’m not sure it’s even an issue now, at this evolution of consciousness.

The main point I want to share is this: If a feeling of fear or being afraid is powerful enough to manifest a physical reaction or symptom in our bodies from merely perceiving something that is “not real,” can you imagine what powerful souls we are and can you imagine if we had real feelings of love, peace, joy, etc., what wonderful things we could manifest within ourselves and in the world?

This is a time to be intentional with our feelings and pay attention to how we relate to the things we experience. We get to choose how we feel – ALWAYS. Begin to imagine more wonderful things…things that feel good, loving, exciting, expansive and allowing. This imagining is the greatest gift each of us can give to humanity! Our world experiences can shift into something truly amazing!

Imagine everything that feels good! There is no discernment between “real” or “imagined.” It is our feeling of it that is KEY: feel your way to joy by not denying any feelings, but embracing them and imagining something that feels better, moving to wonderful. Be as a child: imagine! It is creativity. For, not too long ago, the world was just a Thought with Feeling behind it.