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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Quitting Smoking

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Wendy: “Please give me some advice. I want to quit smoking but I cannot quit. This is the hardest thing I believe I have ever tried to do. I have asked God to help deliver me, but either I have missed His help or my flesh is in control. In my heart I never want to touch a cigarette again but in my head I cannot live without it.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, you are My own precious heart. Though you may feel polluted by cigarette smoking, as though it makes you objectionable or takes you far away from Me, in truth it does not. Nothing can keep you from My love and my complete acceptance of you at all times for, indeed, I treasure you just as you are.

“Smoking does not make you bad. Smoking does not make you wrong. Smoking does not make you less lovable to Me. I am always with you, always loving you, and always available to guide and support you. Therefore, know this and stop condemning and judging yourself. Take yourself down off the gallows and see yourself differently. You are the beloved child of God in every moment, despite any struggles you may have.

“Yes, you may be freed of this addiction. Yes, it is possible. It has robbed you of your peace and so you do not want it any more. And yet it has also given you an experience of peace and contentment at times, and so you are afraid to go without it. It does not make you bad to smoke, but it does make you not at peace. It has robbed you of your self-love. And so you are out of alignment with your own true Self.

“Please do not think that it is unspiritual to seek help with this problem. You do not have to ‘white knuckle’ your way through quitting. Please get help, as there are definitely forms of help available. But nothing will work as long as you are at war with yourself over this. Addiction is the trap of wanting something that you believe you should not want. It creates an ever-present rebellion within you, a never ending conflict. You have a cigarette and say I am bad; you resist having a cigarette and say I am good. You succumb to the desire for a cigarette and say I am weak; you do not succumb and say I am strong. And round and round you go, forever in conflict with yourself.

“You are neither good nor bad, My dear one. These are ego’s words to keep you enslaved. For ego does not care whether you see yourself as good or bad, or weak or strong, as long as you remain in self-conflict. As long you remain disturbed and not at peace. In truth, it would be better that you smoke in a state of complete self-love than quit in a state of self-condemnation. It is more important that you do not condemn yourself than that you do not smoke. And when you truly accept yourself and love yourself as I do, then you will find that the need for such a thing as smoking will naturally dissipate, as will any habit that does not serve you.

“Therefore, know that it is not smoking that is your true ailment, but rather how you see yourself that is tormenting you. The outer life merely reflects the inner world of your mind. There are many methods and aids to help you quit smoking, to decrease your physical addiction, and it is perfectly fine to seek them out and use them. Yet to truly heal you must extend love to yourself. Extend love even to smoking, for it has served you and supported you for a long time. Smoking has been a dependable friend, has it not? See it with loving eyes; thank each cigarette you smoke! For when you condemn yourself and condemn smoking, you are keeping yourself trapped. Love is always the key to any prison cell. What is resisted, judged, and hated, only digs in deeper and grows stronger. Yet what is loved, appreciated, and blessed, can let go its grip, relax, and be released.

“You are greatly loved, dear one, only you do not know it. If you could but see yourself as I do, you would turn and celebrate everything in your life with joy and gratitude. Feel My loving arms around you at all times, and be at peace.”