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Plan versus Purpose

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Like many Americans, since I was a very young child, I’ve always pondered the idea of what it is I want to be. Over the last 64 years of my life, I’ve been constantly questioning myself about the plan for my life, which seems to keep changing, always.

Last evening, my husband and I watched the movie “The Adjustment Bureau,” which is about a man and woman who fall in love, though the plan for their mutual lives did not include that. These secret society people, who are in charge of keeping everyone on course with their life plan, try to adjust these two lovers’ circumstances, to get them to give up their relationship and get back “on plan” for mutual greatness in their chosen fields.

For most of the night, my husband and I both tossed and turned, not getting much sleep. I felt an inner discordance about being off track with the plan(s) for my life, as nothing turned out the way I had once wanted it to be, and I am still trying to ask myself what I want to be when I grow up! The discomfort made me realize something quite profound about my life. First of all, I believe the authors of that movie really tapped into a prototypical fear in people; fear that their lives aren’t on track with their expectations.

Secondly, when I took this issue and my feelings of a disjointed life to Spirit, I was told quite clearly that I was achieving what my highest self wanted most for my life. That was to learn to experience and manifest the love that I am, as an extension of God’s Love. All plans change, but all forms of plans are ultimately there to bring about such awareness. We really need do nothing, though we do lots of things, and God supports us in any and all choices we make. God loves and supports us, period! Ultimately, all plans lead us toward the realization of our true purpose, even if we make many, often painful, detours.

I discussed what the night had brought to me with my Wisdom Seekers group the next morning. The questions there usually revolve about who we really are and how we can use that awareness to contribute to the state of the world. I spoke of plans and how they change. One of the founding members of the group spoke up and suggested changing the word “plan” to the word “purpose,” which was much more in line with the intent of the experience through which I went, the previous night. That really was what Spirit told me, without using the word “purpose.”

We raise our children with stories from the media. We inspire them with “super-heroes” and mayhem, all in the name of justice. We ask them to think about what they want to be when they grow up. In other words, we want them to plan how to model their success in life and how to achieve it. This is done mostly through the media, and sometimes involves parents and church leaders, teachers and peers. Yet I wonder how many of us ever achieve our childhood ambitions, inspired by such stories. Certainly, we find ourselves falling far short of being super-heroes, though many of us do find ourselves killing others or destroying the plans of others in the name of what we see as righteousness and justice, be it socially/religiously inspired, legal, or gang inspired.

“The Adjustment Bureau” really tapped into our feelings of missing the mark with our lives, putting responsibility for correction on external guidance. And yet, we are creative beings. When we find our purpose to be aligning ourselves with our truth as the extension of God’s Love, we can choose harmonious plans of many types to express that truth creatively in the world. Any plan will work, as God supports us with His own “Adjustment Bureau”, the Holy Spirit within. The adjustments are in our attitudes and our awareness, rather than the end product of our actions, though end products are part of the world which we have chosen to experience. End products don’t define who we are and what our life plan is. They are expressions, effects of a part of who we believe ourselves to be.

Our life plans are flexible, but their purpose is really to achieve our life’s Purpose. That Purpose will be achieved ultimately, because of who we really are. There is no need to judge the changes and outcomes of any particular plan, but we certainly do feel a need to recognize our Purpose. Many of us also feel a need to express that Purpose through our worldly experiences, to share and impact others at the external level. Life as a human is certainly dynamic and each person’s plans rubs the edges with the plans of some others. That friction affects both plans. But our deepest Purpose is of one Will, shared with God and one another, as part of the universal Oneness of God’s family.