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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

My Parents Disapprove of My Marriage

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Wallace: “I married the woman I love but my parents were never happy about it and started engaging in activities to separate us. We want to stay at peace with them but every time there is a moment we anticipate happiness, there is always something to spoil it all. I understand that this is the work of the dark side. These dark side effects have taken a toll on my work life as well as the health of my wife. We seek happiness and want to have the life we dreamed about when we fell in love. How do we drive away the evil from our lives?”

The Voice for Love: “My Precious Holy Children, you have been through a time of great stress in your family relationships and in your working relationships. It is time now to step gently away from all of these stories of your lives and have a rest. Let us together take the time to simply give thanks for the willingness that brought you here to ask these questions of guidance and share your desires for the simplicity and happiness of being together.

“Now, take three deep breaths and simply allow the air to flow through your body from the tip of your head to the very end of your toes, feeling your body fill with rest and gentleness and quiet. Allow any thoughts that may be arising at this time to float by. The thought of your interfering family (Oh, look, there is that thought. We need do nothing with the thought. It is not hurting us in any way. It may float by unencumbered by any judgments we have about this.)… A thought of fear and concern about your job (Oh my, that is a very heavy thought indeed, it is not so much floating as rolling by. That is okay. Let it roll on by.)… Here comes the thought of frustration and lack of understanding of why you are visited with all these ills in your lives when all you want is happiness (That is a very big and lumpy thought. It is full of energy and is slowly bouncing by, so slowly we can see the whites of its eyes and see the pure, unadorned fear of peace there as we let it move out of view).

“My precious ones, you are beloved of God. You are priceless treasures like no other. My children are all infinite and beautiful expressions of love. All are capable of experiencing happiness, peace, joy and tranquility. All are capable of knowing their value and worth. It takes but a short and daily practice to remember this. Are you willing to set aside your worries for a time each day and practice in quietness to hear the beat of your own heart?

“Each morning when you awaken, set your feet on the floor and give thanks for the day and each other. Then sit quietly for a time, allowing your thoughts to float by without any help from you in organizing or judging or fixing them. Simply be at rest, while awake. In these moments you will hear the gentle call of your heart, reminding you that you are My beloved ones. In this place of quiet, begin to hear your heart speaking to you. Let this daily rest be a time you breathe and listen to the messages your heart is giving you.

“Dear Ones, fear not. Do not be afraid for I am with you at all times. I see you coming in and going out. You are never, I repeat never, outside of My loving care. Cast all your cares upon Me and I will surely guide you. You are my beloved children, you need want for nothing. You have everything you need right now for your happiness and living. When fear and unhappiness assail you, remember: Fear Not. I am with you. And I am loving you and caring for you in every moment.

“Thank you, precious ones, for your willingness to listen to your hearts. Practice this daily and allow the rest that you find in these times of practice to gently seep into your days and nights. I love you, now and always. Amen.”