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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Annabelle: “I have been in a relationship for a year... More >>
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When Happiness and Success Elude You


Ellen: “I am currently facing a lot of difficulties in my life. I was in an accident and then I lost my job. I feel that I am not succeeding in my life and every time I try to do […]

The Hand of God in Troubled Times

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Olivia: “My life is in a mess. It seems like there is a dark side holding me back from achieving my goals. My mother has brain cancer and now she can’t see or walk any more. My boyfriend has quit […]

How Can I Feel The Voice Of God?


George: “How can a man feel the voice of God… when his mind is lost?” The Voice for Love: “Dear Beloved One, when you agreed to travel the journey of being human, you also agreed to hold My hand as […]

Letting Go is True Forgiveness

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My lessons over the last half of my life have been escalating versions of what it means to let go. Our pending estate sale of most of what we own, inherited from over 3 generations and accumulated through a lifetime […]

When the One You Love Deserts You

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Edwin: “What do you do when your mate, the one you love, dumps you and says she does not want you anymore? Yet you want her to be with you. What do you do in this circumstance?” The Voice for […]

Finding Peace in a Troubled Relationship

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Fran: “I was married before and my husband left. After 5 years, God brought a very good man into my life who was also divorced. We fell madly in love, and though we live a long distance apart, we fly […]

Feeling Empty of the Joy of Jesus

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Philip: “It seems I am so bummed out all the time, like there is nothing to look forward to and I’m just going through the motions each and every day. I want to get the joy of Jesus Christ in […]

Coping With Separation

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Rose: “My husband and I have separated. We have a 3-month-old daughter. He suffers from anxiety and rejection issues that he refuses to be treated for. I get a lot of mixed signals from him as to whether he is […]


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The heat and humidity assaulted my senses as I took my Keesha for her morning walk, before sunrise. Pale light brought out the blue in the sky. A few clouds fluffed their way around, waiting their turn to be set […]

Feeling Separate from God’s Love

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Dan: “I would like to know how to receive favor from God in restoration of my finances and my health. I made some bad choices after the passing of my Mom, and many aspects of my life have been affected. […]