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How Can I Move from Resistance to Acceptance?

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Kenneth: “I have started a new job where I have gone from having a lot of privacy to sitting out in the open with several other people and zero privacy. This feels very uncomfortable and I have been depressed about […]

Why Does My Loved One Suffer So Much?

Ava: “My niece was killed in a car accident six weeks ago. My brother (her father) also lost his wife 3 years ago to suicide, and now this. Do you have any thoughts as to why him again? He is […]

Two Poems About the Newtown, CT School Killings


One Mind, One Pain He killed his mother And shot the children too What caused this deceit of suffering He could no longer bear   What would have made The difference between life and death Holy Child Your innocence remains […]

Love’s Perspective on Newtown, CT Killings

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My tears were real as I watched the horror unfold yesterday. Innocence slaughtered, grief erupting as we were all left to understand “What happened?”  and “How can this happen here?” This morning I asked Holy Spirit, nay I demanded a […]

Why Can’t I Leave This Relationship?

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Moira: “I have been in a relationship with a drug addict and sex addict for four years. I want to leave him so I can lead a productive, clean and healthy life, but I find myself addicted to him. I […]

How Can We Help Our Son Through Difficult Times?

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Lynn: “My son who is in college has always been very happy, outgoing and sociable. However, he was diagnosed four years ago with Type 1 Diabetes. He has handled it very well for the most part but is moodier and […]

What Can I Learn from My Painful Situation?

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Corinne: “I have always loved my work in social services. However, our management structure has changed and over the past several years, compromising the kind of service we can offer families. I have advocated strongly against some of these changes […]

Is God Causing Me Suffering for a Purpose?

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Stephen: “I feel that the innocence of being a child was stripped from me layer upon layer as I was growing up. As a result, I have some sins of which I’m ashamed. I wonder sometimes if these contribute to […]

Learning to Relate to a Narcissistic Parent

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Bethany: “How do I deal with my narcissistic mother? Yesterday I asked my inner guidance and the answer I received was to pull all of my emotional energy out of this relationship. Would this serve my spiritual development? And if […]

Top 5 Relationship Mistakes That Hinder Lasting Love

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My friend, Carol Allen, is a Vedic relationship astrologer. We’ve had some amazing conversations over the years about finding a life partner that we are highly compatible with. Recently, she sent me these five relationships mistakes that get in the […]