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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Annabelle: “I have been in a relationship for a year... More >>
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Plan versus Purpose

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Like many Americans, since I was a very young child, I’ve always pondered the idea of what it is I want to be. Over the last 64 years of my life, I’ve been constantly questioning myself about the plan for […]

How to Wake from an Emotional Nightmare

Margaret: “I am 51 and have been a seeker for as long as I can remember. My mother gave me “A Course in Miracles” and I did the lessons every day for a year, but it is hard to fathom […]

What About the Devil and Evil?

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Frank: “What do you have to say about the Devil, the antichrist, the beast, Satan, evil spirits, demonic possession, demonic use of religion, and how do you relate Jesus’s prophecies to the Christian expression of religion in the world?” The […]

How to Cope with Doubt

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Miranda: “My husband and I have moved with our baby to a small island. We came here to provide a safe place to raise our child and so my husband could get away from his stressful job. It was a […]

Asking God Questions

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Evelyn: “Recently my stepfather passed away. It was very sudden. While he was a wonderful business person and gave much money to charity, he was extremely difficult to live with and very abusive to all of the women and girls […]

I Want Abundance and Prosperity

Stephanie: “I recently lost my job and have not been successful at finding employment despite my education and experience. Because of this my fiance began to put me down and my parents belittled me. All I had was my hope […]

I Am Petrified With Fear

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Rita: “Two years ago my soul mate died of cancer. It was a horrible death and I tended him through it, losing my house and going into bankruptcy. Now I’m petrified of doctors and have no insurance. Please help me.” […]

Invitation to Special Guided Meditation Dec. 21st

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You are invited to be a part of a guided,” Activation of Light within the Heart” meditation on Friday, December 21, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. EST.  It will be approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted over a free, teleconference […]

On a Journey to the Spiritual, Quotes Can Signpost the Way

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Whether they are about relatives, politics or God, quotes are a great tool to focus the mind and spur thought.  We decorate our office cubicles and work stations with quotes.  Facebook even provides a spot for users’ favorite quotes.  Calendars […]

Who Is The Voice of Love?

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We’ve all heard the saying ‘God is love,’ and heard that sentiment expressed in many spiritual quotes. The Voice of Love is an organization dedicated to encouraging people of all faiths to listen for the Divine voice in their everyday […]