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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
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Extending Love to Grief

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A few weeks ago, my unconditionally-loving Golden Retriever, Papu, died tragically and suddenly. He was not quite 8 years old. He was not the brightest Golden Retriever and was born with some birth defects. At an early age, we had […]

Excuses We Find to Reject Love

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JoAnn: “I have been separated for 14 years and am now 54. I have many financial problems and a difficult 21-year-old son. I met a lovely man a few years ago, but he lives quite a distance from me. Do […]

Creativity and Connecting with The Divine

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Ageing is a peculiar thing. While the body breaks down in many little and large ways, the mind continues. We do not wish to fixate on issues that have plagued us over a lifetime. I was reminded of that when […]

Going Deeper into God’s Love


Christine: “I feel myself wanting to grow closer to the Lord. I have come such a long way in my life, but I have never felt quite like this before. Please help me understand what this new feeling is. I […]

Feeling Disapproval from Others

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Barbara: “I live in a family-owned house and my younger brother administers the trust that has me living here. I only work part-time but he hasn’t pressured me that much about rent. My difficulty is that the only emails I […]

When Others Reject Our Help

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Grace: “Our sister recently had a mastectomy and is currently undecided as to whether she should receive chemotherapy. She has also had marital problems for a number of years now, and this adds to her stress and anxiety. As her […]

Love is Always a Choice

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Love: This is Who/What we Truly are…even when situations present themselves to try to convince us this is NOT Who/What we Truly are, we are still Love. It is challenging, though…and takes intention and determination to focus on the “NOW” […]

Quitting Smoking

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Wendy: “Please give me some advice. I want to quit smoking but I cannot quit. This is the hardest thing I believe I have ever tried to do. I have asked God to help deliver me, but either I have […]

Disciplining Young Adults

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Theresa: “I married a man who has four daughters. We’ve had the two youngest living with us and now the 20-year-old has come, too. She is very disrespectful, will not help around the house, and sleeps until 11 every day. […]

Soul Journey to Love: 100 Days to Inner Peace

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Today is a beautiful day! Why? It’s been Candace and my dream for many years to teach people how to hear and share the voice of their truest and highest Self in the world, the Voice for Love that we […]