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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Overcoming Fearful Thoughts


Peter: “I was addicted to pain pills for over two years. Thank God I was able to quit them, but now I feel so weak and unhealthy and even fearful. How do I overcome my fears?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, it is most auspicious that you have overcome your addiction. Please see what a gift you have given yourself in this. And do not discount it as the mere overcoming of a bad habit. You have set yourself free for a new phase of healing. This is a wonder, and is like washing windows so that more Light may pour in. You have washed the windows of your own soul.

“How may you overcome your fears? Know that your addiction was the covering over of your fears, and so now of course those fears are surfacing into your awareness. The Light is shining upon them now, for the very purpose that you may address them. You were strong enough to stop your addiction; this means you are strong enough and ready to face your fears and not deny them.

“See these fears as gifts of awareness. Be not threatened by them as they come into your awareness but rather sit with them and acknowledge them and receive their messages. A fear of the future, for instance, carries the message that you indeed care about the future, you care about yourself, your family, your friends, your world. Thank this fear for reminding you that you do indeed care so much. Embrace this fear as you would a loving guest who has come to visit you a while. See that it cannot harm you. Befriend it rather than turning away.

“For you see, no thought can truly harm you. All thoughts are under your jurisdiction. They appear in your mind and are within your power to experience as you choose. See your mind as you see your house. It is your habitation and you may open and close the door to whomever you choose. A fear may knock at the door of your mind; you may allow it in to be your guest or not. If you allow it in, you may choose to receive its message, to embrace and welcome it for a while. You may allow it to only visit you or you may allow it to move in permanently. It is all within your power to decide as master of your own mind.

“So do not fear any thought, but rather choose how you shall respond to each one. There is no need to push away or react fearfully to any thought. If a thought seems particularly tenacious and convincing in its arguments that you should be afraid, then that is a thought that particularly needs your embracing. See it as you would see someone who is sad and alone and needs to be comforted. You do not have to merge with it or believe it. Give it your compassion and then release it to go upon its way.

“It is when you can release a fearful thought that you can experience the peace that it is blocking from your awareness. You have an Inner Guide which is the Source of all peace and love and light; it is within you at all times, loving you and seeking to guide you in all things. But fearful thoughts, if believed and attached to, keep you from connecting with this guidance and peace.

“Just as you have overcome your addiction to pain pills, you can overcome your addiction to fearful thoughts. Know that the Source of all healing is within you. Be very kind and tender with yourself now as you recover your health, and ask God to heal your mind as well. You are very precious to God and He would not leave you comfortless. Simply ask for His help in all things and then rest your fretful mind, just as you are learning to rest your body so it may heal. And just as you would give your body the rest and good food and nutrients it needs, so give your mind what it needs: trust and rest and peace and faith as you choose more and more the thoughts of Love instead of fear.”