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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Overcoming Doubt of God’s Love

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Katherine: “Last year my partner of 20 years left me for an old girlfriend. I had a breakdown and even though I am better, I am still struggling. We had bought a house and land together but when he left, he stopped helping me financially and I am doing everything I can to keep my home. What this has done to me is change me so much I have lost the real me. The pain and hurt and anger in my heart has made me, for the first time, doubt God and my spirit. Now I question God’s love. I try so hard to be strong but sometimes the grief and pain are overwhelming. I want to find the inner strength that I used to have and the love that used to be in my heart. I need help healing me and creating a new life.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, the love that you have is the love that you are. You take it with you wherever you go. It cannot leave you under any circumstance, because it IS you. God is Love and therefore you, as God’s child, in God’s image and likeness, are also love. Image and likeness means in every way. You are an extension from God of what God is. You are completely God’s DNA.

“What you are experiencing now is lack of awareness because your focus is on what is not-God. Though it is not actually possible for there to be not-God in reality, it is possible to have the experience of not-God, just as one has the experience of fear when absorbed in a horror story.

“Right now, your life circumstances feel like a horror story and your entire focus is riveted upon your fears. In reality, you are completely loved and completely safe. To become more aware of this, we ask you to step back from your feelings and thoughts and be an observer. Then add to the observer experience by allowing your focus to dwell periodically on your true inner nature as love. Know that you are good by feeling that inner self in quiet times during the day. When thoughts try to interfere, extend love to them and return to the feeling of who you are in reality. Learn to switch into that way of feeling through daily practice.

“Once you have committed to this practice, allow your feelings of abandonment and fears for the future to be felt, without trying to judge them or push them away. However, observe them from the perspective of the feeling of love within. Offer these fearful thoughts and feelings compassion. Always remember to switch back momentarily to feeling and knowing the love that you are as you do this.

“God is not punishing you. Rather, you are allowing your thoughts and feelings to punish you. God is not in that picture. Put God back in through building a relationship with your thoughts and feelings out of the experience of love within. Allow this new relationship to console and advise your feelings, thoughts and deeds. Ultimately all of these will be in harmony with each other. You will not experience the stress which results when feelings, thoughts and deeds are out of sync with each other. They become in sync through the awareness of love’s presence within you.

“The result of this new relationship will be a vision that guides you in your relationship with others and with your home and land, and with all other aspects of your life. For now, put first things first. Attend to your inner awareness of your loving nature and know you share this same nature with others, including your ex-partner. All that is lacking for anyone is some degree of awareness. Allow others to share your life with you. In your heart and mind, share your inner love with them. External issues will resolve because of your newly grounded perception.

“Dearest one, we are full of gratitude for all that you are. We merely ask you to see yourself as we see you. You know of the reality of your inner love. But your awareness goes to that upon which you focus. Focus with us. We love you.”