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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Overcoming Deep Inner Terror

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Brad: “I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for over ten years. For a long time, despite my best efforts and many self-development courses, I still feel so tired and stuck. Every night and morning before going out I feel an inner terror. I sit with a lesson from ACIM until I have to go. I also feel a rage at times and when it comes up, I don’t know how to deal with it. I try to go to Spirit for help. Sometimes I feel better, sometimes not, but I am so tired of this continuing pattern.”

The Voice for Love:
“Thank you, Precious One, for turning to Spirit as you have been doing and are doing now. Thank you for every moment of trust, for every single one of those moments has an impact beyond your knowing. It is as though you are building a house and each moment of trust is a brick or nail in that structure. So do not discount your moments of trust though they may not seem to yet be yielding the peace and release you seek.

“You are most dear and precious to God, His holy child, the delight of His heart. God wants for you only your peace and happiness. Your experiences of terror or of rage, of tiredness and stuckness, all of these God sees in you with eyes of Love and care and compassion. You are as a child asleep having a bad dream, tossing and turning in your bed, crying out in anguish. God sits beside you, His hand upon your shoulder, gently and softly whispering to you that you are safe. You are well and truly safe, my Beloved One. There is nothing to fear, to hate, to fight, nothing broken to fix, nothing wrong to be made right.

“And yet, there is an anchor within you, weighing you down, creating a heaviness and disheartenedness that keep you from your joy. What is this anchor? It can be but a thought, an entrenched belief, which is a thought accepted again and again until it has concretized. What is this belief you are holding about life, about yourself, that is so dragging you down and keeping you from the Light and Love that you are?

“Please sit with Holy Spirit in quiet meditation and ask to be shown this belief that is weighing you down, whatever it may be. Let it rise slowly to the surface like a sunken ship being raised to the surface of your awareness. Ask to be shown and trust that you will be shown; create the space and willingness to be shown, and you will be. Holy Spirit is your Friend and Guide and wants only to lead you to your happiness. Ask, ‘Holy Spirit, what is the belief I am harboring within myself that is keeping me from my joy and peace?’

“As you wait with Holy Spirit, words or images may come to you. Simply notice them without censoring or judgment. Perhaps you will recall long forgotten incidents from an earlier time, or a feeling will arise that is painful or brings with it tears. Please simply let these things arise, my dear one, without judgment or resistance, knowing that Holy Spirit is with you, loving you and holding your hand. These are your treasure, these lost and hidden things, for by becoming aware of them you may extend love and forgiveness to them, and in this is your healing.

“Bless you for your willingness to go within, Beloved One. See not your inner world as something to fear, resist or avoid, but as a landscape strewn with gifts as yet unopened. You are loved beyond your comprehension. You yourself are the gift and treasure of God, seeking to awaken to that Love. Be willing, be courageous; you are ready. Let Holy Spirit reveal to you the precious and holy being that you are.”