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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Overcoming Anxiety Watching the News


Joyce: “We live near where a recent school shooting occurred. This event left me drained mentally, physically and spiritually. Then the tornadoes happened in the south and midwest. How can I focus my mind daily so as not to fret over these tragedies? I do affirmations at least twice a week and read Bible verses daily but am still having trouble. I know that ultimately I am fearing the worst for my family, my self and just in general. I am aware that I could not do anything to stop these terrible things and didn’t cause them, but somehow the fears overwhelm me.”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, it is natural to feel sadness, shock and horror when you hear about these events that you mention. When you see the results of of such occurrences and see the people who are suffering loss, it is only human to share in their misery.

“When these shocking events occur, allow your heart to open to those who are suffering. Let your prayers for healing and for comfort arise. These prayers are always helpful. They help you as well as those for whom you pray. It is impossible for you at this stage to stop yourself from feeling their grief. Your scriptures say that you are to bear one another’s burdens, and your prayers for their safety and comfort are a wonderful way to share without becoming overwhelmed by emotions.

“You are not served, nor are they served, if you lose yourself in their misery. Ask God and the angels to bless such situations, to comfort the bereaved, and to provide solace and assistance where it is needed. Remember that all souls are creative and sovereign. Nothing can happen that is outside of creation. Although it is hard to hear, all souls involved are fully participatory in each event. Remember also that the soul is eternal.

“Let your prayers arise without trying to solve the problem of what has happened, but rather from an attitude of acceptance of What Is in the moment, however distressing. It is safe to let your heart go out to the effected brothers and sisters, and to let your love flow to them. They will feel something and be comforted whenever you do this. Do not judge events or those who are affected by them.

“What is for another soul to experience is theirs. What is for your soul to experience is yours. What is for your family members’ souls to experience is theirs as well. Breathe, give thanks for your life and your blessings, pray often, and release all into the hands of God. All is well. You are safe. You and yours are safe.”