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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

On a Journey to the Spiritual, Quotes Can Signpost the Way

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Whether they are about relatives, politics or God, quotes are a great tool to focus the mind and spur thought.  We decorate our office cubicles and work stations with quotes.  Facebook even provides a spot for users’ favorite quotes.  Calendars with quotes have long been popular.  People love to use inspiring quotes to affirm, develop and even challenge beliefs.  Political quotes can inspire us to take action, and spiritual quotes can encourage us as we follow our own inner path to find meaning and joy in life.

Prayers could even be considered to be spiritual quotes.  Understanding the Divine is an ongoing challenge.  When we try to describe God, quotes can be very helpful.  Spiritual quotes can also be part of a meditation practice.   Quotes from various holy books inspire believers of all faiths around the world.  Church goers often find inspiration from the words of a sermon, and wish to recall exact quotes, and often those sermons are inspired by spiritual quotes from holy books and a range of spiritual leaders.

Where to Find Spiritual Quotes

It can be hard to find a good source for inspiring words about God, quotes from a range of faiths and wisdom that speaks to the heart.  That is why David Paul Doyle and Candace Doyle, the couple behind The Voice of Love, have created an email service that delivers spiritual quotes to your inbox daily.

The Voice of Love is an organization devoted to supporting and offering practical help to those searching for ways to experience oneness with God. Quotes, dvds and live spiritual counseling and coaching are among the services the group offers through its website at  The spiritual quotes, or God quotes as some call them, are an easy and practical reminder to take a moment and reflect on the Divine love around us every day.  It is quick and easy to sign up to receive these ‘God quotes’ on The Voice of Love’s website.

The Voice of Love is a personal, practical, experiential approach to spirituality that honors the universal truths within all religions and recognizes the divinity of each person’s spiritual path.  The Voice of Loves believes we are eternal expressions of God, and can restore our awareness of this through the Holy Spirit, as Jesus demonstrated.  Daily spiritual quotes are a simple first step on this journey.