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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do I Move From Ego Dominant to God Dominant Thoughts?

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Daniel: “I have just begun reading A Course in Miracles. Even though I am only in the early chapters, I resonate deeply with it. My question is, what is it going to take to cross the line between ego dominant thoughts and divinely inspired dominant thoughts? Or am I just being impatient?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, we wish for you to take a few moments and allow yourself to feel our love for you. You are so precious, so loved, so real. Indeed, you are one with us, though that is not always your current experience.

“You have spent a lifetime imagining. Now A Course in Miracles (ACIM) points out to you that all you imagine about the world and your life is not you, but a product of limited thinking. Yet even limited thinking is harmless vapor to the mind that thinks with God. There is a part of your awareness that remembers reality, and you recognize it. That part is a real, eternal extension of God’s Love, which knows that even vapor can be innocent and fun. It knows to treat all stories made in your mind as a kindly parent would treat innocent child’s play. Yet, a child can forget it is playing and does not know that its physical reactions to a drama or horror show are only reactions to the unreal. That child must be helped to realize that what triggers it is not real.

“Put down any belief that ego is evil. Do not blame yourself when you choose it. Instead, offer love to all aspects of all experiences. Teach yourself to allow the love that you are to extend to all earthly thoughts, including impatience. There is no rush, only the desire to reclaim your inheritance, which is already within you whenever you wish to momentarily choose it. Be at peace with this wondrous, unfolding process. Even as you learn to sort the thoughts of ego from the thoughts of God, do not judge those thoughts. Merely observe them, recognize them, and be the love that you are in reality, as you kindly discern them. You are safe in this process, but you will be happier if you develop more commitment and consistency to the process. You are surrounded by our love from inside out and outside in. Be grateful for your life. It is an adventure of the highest order, for it is made by God’s child, you.

“We are always here to support you, to guide you as timeless awareness seeps through periodically into your earthly mind. That mind has trained itself with a narrow and incomplete focus. Until it is open, at least momentarily, to the experience of our love, no amount of reasoning will generate a feeling of deep gnosis. But as it says in ACIM, your ability to experience thinking with us will go and come and go to come again. ACIM spins you around and points you in the right direction, but you must choose to treat yourself as we would always treat you in the process of coming and going: with love, compassion, gratitude, trust, honesty and openness.

“Your life is a vehicle through which your soon to be awakened self can experience and witness the creative extension of love. It is more than the limitations of ego awareness. This is the miracle, your change in perception of who and what you are. Its effect is the experience of the love that you are in your reality. So as you practice discernment, also allow yourself the sacred instants of feeling the love that you are. Treat all thoughts of the ego equally, with love. When you fail to do this, extend love to the thoughts of failure, and know that, in reality, you can never fail.

“Blessings to you. We love, support and admire you for all that you are and all that you do, as you embark upon your lifetime of acceptance.”