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Mixing God and Politics


God and Politics

I like politics. I don’t always follow them, but I enjoy the challenges of making good decisions in difficult situations. That to me is the challenge that I enjoy in politics.

One of the core tenants of our country is that religion and politics cannot exist together. And yet, politicians are allowed to talk about their relationship with God.

Today, Michele Bachmann announced, “Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to stand aside,” she announced to the news this morning.

“I have no regrets,” she explained. “None whatsoever. We never compromised our principles.” She added that she is looking “forward to the next chapter in God’s plan.

I’ve heard many other politicians over the years talk about seeking guidance from God’s voice within, following the word of God as the reason for running for office, and hearing God’s voice tell them that it was time to take a stand and run for office.

It’s not a problem for politicians to talk about God, reference God, or knowledge their deep faith in God and their relationship with Him. But it is not legal to directly mix religion and politics. Our Constitution mandates the separation of church and state.

I personally think is very important to separate church and state. If we were not to separate them, it would be possible for politician to bring his or her religious identity, beliefs, and references to office and subtly, or not so subtly, incorporate those beliefs into their policy and even their lives.

Of course, this already happens to a degree. Politicians already include their religious preferences into their decision-making process. Their religious beliefs already impact with a vote. But to overtly do this, preach not from the pulpit but from the Oval Office or from Congress, would not be healthy for the governing of our country.

I think it’s great that politicians are able to voice their connection and relationship with God. Yet I’m grateful that we maintain separation between church and state.