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Mindfulness of God When Life Gets Busy

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Anna: “My question is very practical. When I get too focused on tasks and my to-do list and ideas, I kind of lose God and all my time is spent doing other stuff. How do I find balance in pursuing goals without losing my focus on God?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, thank you for your question about putting God first as you pursue your career and personal goals. It is sometimes not easy to maintain a sense of connection with Spirit during the busy day. Thank you for your desire to remember God always.

“As you begin your day, you can say a simple prayer such as, ‘Dear God, as I go through my day today, let me feel Your guidance in a real way. Help me to remember You in all that I do so that I can express Your Love in the world.’ This prayer or something similar – use your own words – will be a way to establish the tone of your work day. In this way you remind yourself that, although you have work to do in the world, you want to do it in a way that furthers God’s highest good for you and the world.

“God does not demand that your every thought be of Him! There is work to be done and you must concentrate on the task at hand, whatever that may be in each moment. However, if you dedicate your day to serving God through your work, whatever work you do can be done more efficiently and you will begin to notice more and more that you truly will remember Him.

“If you find yourself doing things mindlessly, then simply say a brief prayer silently: ‘I remember you, God’ is sufficient, or any words that come to your mind. Congratulate yourself for noticing and just continue with whatever you were doing.

“Your inner peace will increase as you remember throughout the day. But even if you forget, at the close of your day you can review the events and the work you did and you can express gratitude for everything in your life, including all your tasks and lists and ideas. You will find that more and better ideas come to you in this way, also and your time can be spent in a pleasant frame of mind, no matter what you are doing.

“Smile and be at peace, Dear One!”