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Does God Send Us Messages in Our Dreams?

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LeeAnn: “I had a dream one night that I was with a group of people and all of a sudden there was a man floating in the air calling my name. When I answered he grabbed me and we both started floating on air. Then he said, ‘You are not sick, you have a demon’ and he laid his hands on me like he was praying. That’s when I woke up. I would like to know if God sent that dream to give me a message because I have been scared for a while that I might be sick.”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, thank you for opening your mind and heart to an answer to your question.

“It can be said that your higher self (or God, speaking in your dream) brought you this message. Its intention was to reassure you that you are not ‘sick.’ You have brought this dream to yourself to overcome the fear in your human mind. Your higher mind took the opportunity by using this dream to bring you a message.

“Please do not think that because your dream said the word ‘demon’ that this means that you are possessed by an evil being! That is not true. The dream’s message is that sometimes fearful thoughts can behave like demons, in a figurative way. They can lead you into deeper fear if they are not cast out. Just as the scriptures say that Jesus cast out demons, you will cast out fear thoughts from your mind.

“There is nothing to fear. Sometimes the lower, human mind can become trapped in its thoughts, and needs to be cleansed. You can do this yourself simply by noticing when your thoughts are less than totally loving and trusting. Then you simply command your fearful thoughts to be gone. If you continually do this, they must leave you. Thoughts themselves cannot hurt you, but you must be vigilant to catch them before they cause you worry and pain.

“Exchanging fearful thoughts with loving, trusting thoughts will take practice, but it is worth it because of the peace of mind you will realize when you are successful. Bless you, Dear One! Congratulations for giving this reassuring message to yourself by way of your dream!”