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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Meet the Right Partner


Belinda: “I am divorced and have been single for a long time. My ex-husband suffered from bipolar disorder, a mental condition which had proved difficult to live with, especially with very young children. I have since studied and obtained a degree in Applied Psychology so as to understand the disorder. The strange thing is, I keep meeting men who have some form of mental disorder. Is God trying to lead me to a career in counseling? And why do I have difficulties in meeting the right partner?”

The Voice for Love: “Beloved one, greetings and salutations. It is an honor for Me to connect with you and be there for you in this way. Even though I am always there with you and for you, in the asking of these questions you have opened the door for Me to enter into your awareness in a more conscious way. Remember always to ask questions and to ask for My help as this IS the door-opener of our relationship.

“Your first inquiry is about the dis-ease called bi-polarism and mental disorder. It is indeed difficult to live with a person who harbors this condition. Your first step here should be to eliminate all judgments about the fact that YOU WERE NOT ABLE TO FIX HIM. You were never meant to. And you are not required to fix anyone. One must choose to save him/herself. God does not ask that you save people. God asks for nothing for He needs nothing. God IS, and in the extension of His beingness, He sends only LOVE, joy, peace and contentment to His children. Can you accept and receive this LOVE which IS your natural state of being? God does not ask that you make sacrifices or that you save others, for the only person you can help is yourself and the greatest gift you can offer yourself is SELF-LOVE.

“If you are attracted to the art of Psychology because you wish to help others heal and connect to who they truly are, then this indeed is a great service, a great expression of your being in the world. For you are a generous and loving woman. This generosity and love must first be given to self before it is offered to others as an exchange for receiving love. What this means, beloved one, is that you attract men that take from you because you have not yet accepted to receive for YOURSELF. And the first Source which I suggest you receive from is God, who dwells within you.

“Beloved one, you attract men that are unstable mentally not because you are, but as a mirror to show you your innermost contradictions: How can anyone give you what you want if you cannot receive it, or if you judge yourself unworthy? Please contemplate this. The healing within you starts with this and will have ripples in every aspect of your life, for the outside world is but a reflection of your mind, your beliefs and emotions (whether conscious or unconscious). By healing yourself first, you will be a much more efficient healer, taking your patients to a whole new level of Self-Love. Because your being Self-Love will teach your patients without you having to say a word! And of course this will impact your children and all your relationships.

“It is time, if you so choose, beloved one, to accept and turn your generosity and love inward so that you may be there for yourself as you have never been before. Ask Me, the Voice of God within, for help and I will be there. Do not worry that others will suffer if you nuture yourself first. That is just a fear, just an illusion. Others will always benefit from the love, care and acceptance that you give yourself first. Always.

“Open your heart to God’s Love and revel in it. Seek first the kindom of Heaven (which is IN your heart) and all else shall be given. Amen.”