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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Meaning of Jesus’s Death and Resurrection


William: “I’m 45 years old and I feel I’ve been searching forever. At this point, I am experiencing stagnation. Currently I’m involved with a great group of Christian brothers that really care for me, but the whole meditation thing just doesn’t translate with them. Similarly, I’m having trouble understanding the meaning of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Can you sum that up somehow?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious One, thank you for this most holy of questions concerning your own brother, named Jesus. For indeed this man was, like you, the son of God. It is common to distinguish him from yourself as one of special origin and not like you. Yet he is the example of what each of you can be during your sojourn in the world.

“Jesus is the way-shower, like an elder brother who lovingly lights the way for the younger. This is why you are asked to follow Him. He is the Light, and you have this same Light within you. That is the journey you are making by being in the world, the journey from darkness to Light.

“It is not ‘sin’ that is the darkness, dear one, nor sinlessness that is the Light. The journey you are making is an inner one, from doubt to faith, from hate to love, from the belief in separation to the knowing that all are One. Jesus did not die in expiation for sins to satisfy an angry and condemning God, but rather to demonstrate that death is not the end of Life. Indeed, he appeared in non-physical form after his death to demonstrate this. The human body is a mere temporary container of the soul’s Life. Jesus was willing to die so publicly and painfully in demonstration of this truth.

“Why was he willing? Because he had made that inner journey to the Knowing that all may know: that he was the beloved Son of God (as are you); that he was made from Love (as are you); that he came from Love (as did you); and that Love is all there is to be. It is not being Love, which is the resistance and denial of one’s True nature, that causes all the suffering in the world.

“So great was his love for his brothers that Jesus did what he did, even knowing that it would be misinterpreted by many, yet serve them just the same. For if one believes in an angry and condemning God, then one believes in the need for a sacrifice, and so was Jesus willing to be seen that way for those who needed it so. Love gives all and Love serves all and Love is not afraid.

“The resurrection is not a mystery but a simple truth. That life is eternal and continues after the death of the physical form is what Jesus demonstrated. This was a great and needed lesson at that time, but not the only one. Jesus demonstrated many truths during his life on earth: the power of love, the power of forgiveness, the power of faith and of peace. Do not worship his death but follow his life, for Jesus would not have you die the death that he died, but live the life that he lived. And when death comes, to know that death is only the end of the physical form, and that the True Self never dies.

“Peace be unto you, Precious One. You are greatly loved and greatly blessed, always.