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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Mary Ann (Mimi) Ruth – Certified Spiritual Counselor & Coach

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I’m delighted to see that our Voice for Love Community is growing. Today I’m celebrating the launch of my new website with the Voice for Love as I offer new spiritual and ministerial services integrated with my previous professional work as a coach and consultant.

There’s a special place in my heart for Baby Boomers who want to nurture their souls as well as fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Many of us are re-positioning ourselves for the future, based on today’s global economy. Some of us are deciding whether to re-energize our career aspirations or retire. Some are relocating. Some are in transitions we didn’t imagine five years ago. Some of us are trying to focus more on ourselves and our relationship with God rather than the more typical pattern of focusing primarily on careers and families.

Some boomers are claiming their passion and power in wonderful new ways. Many executives, managers, and entrepreneurs are defining their legacy to the world. All of us are enriched by embracing the reality of the spiritual beings we are. We’re learning that joining with the Power within expands love and happiness.

Each one of us can benefit from the resources available from the Voice for Love.

While all my products and services are available globally, such as spiritual counseling, coaching, and teaching, my local services will focus near Annapolis, Maryland and the Baltimore-Washington DC corridor.