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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Love’s Perspective on Newtown, CT Killings

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My tears were real as I watched the horror unfold yesterday. Innocence slaughtered, grief erupting as we were all left to understand “What happened?”  and “How can this happen here?” This morning I asked Holy Spirit, nay I demanded a response to, this question “How can the killing stop?” Not just this terrible incident but the killing that goes on daily all over the world.

Holy Spirit, can the killing stop or are we doomed to try again and again to erase our pain in this way? Please help me stop the killing, what is killing anyway?

“Precious One, your innocence is assured because of who you are. This thing called killing, in any form, is an attempt to probe innocence is not the truth about you. You will not believe only Love is real, for you have decided that certain intense feelings are wrong, bad and evil. In that moment you try to “kill” those feelings, to say “NO! Stop! Be gone!!”

The more you are able to just be with all feelings whether intense or vague, the more you realize truly ONLY LOVE EXISTS. In your willingness to be with what you do not understand, what horrifies you, what makes you feel such anger, hate and grievous sadness, the more you intensify your awareness of BEING.

Being is.  God is. In this truth is all life. This does not mean you will not feel great sadness, or anger or frustration. It means you will allow your self to love in all these conditions—as I do.

The more you allow love into all the nooks and crannies of your awareness, the more you will experience peace. The more you experience peace the greater your awareness of your ever-present joy of being.

Fear not the feelings and judgments that quickly rise to the surface: monster, evil, troubled. Be with these without fear. They are thoughts too. What happens when the monster loves—he is transformed. What happens what you love the monster—you are transformed.

Use this time to love and be tender with all the stories of loss and grief. This story is your own story. The story is the one all believe deep in the crevices of their fear: “Love will not remain. Loss is permanent. Nothing can assuage the grief.  Suffering can be forced upon me against my will.”

Listen truly to the words you read “Look for the helpers.” Did you see how rapidly helpers rushed in? As soon as the killing began, the word went out: “Help!  HELP!!!” Help rushed in. Imagine if you could do this? In the very instant in your own life that you felt “Something is not right.” or “This Doesn’t feel good.” You shouted out “HELP!” to your heart, to me. I am there in every moment; willing, able, complete, all knowing—ready to show you the Way, the Truth, the Life.

These children and their teachers are beloved children of God. So is the one who shot them. We can love and forgive every good thing—Good is always being done ultimately. Love oozes in—rushes in—cascades, drips, blasts, powers, trickles in, however it is allowed in. When there is a shock and tragedy, Love is allowed free reign for a brief time to flow so powerfully that miracles are commonplace. You can live in the powerful flow of Love all of the time. You do not need to wait for the tragedy and surprise. Open up your willingness now and allow love free reign in every corner of your life.

You are my joy.

You are my sustenance.

You are my life, too.

Amen and Selah.”