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Love and Accept Yourself With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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I recently read an article about learning to love and accept yourself even when you fail. The article was written by a woman named Kathy Yoder.

Kathy writes, “I resolve not to give up when I don’t keep my resolutions perfectly. That’s impossible. Besides, God doesn’t call us to be perfect. That’s Jesus’ job. God calls us to be who he made us to be. I resolve to strive to follow the greatest commandment. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength..” and to “… love your neighbor as yourself…” (Mark 12:30-31).”

I also think it’s critical to be compassionate and accepting of ourselves when we strive towards goals and fall short sometimes. I actually just had this revelation myself the other night.

I was meditating in the middle of the night very recently. I was feeling very angry. All of these situations were coming to mind where people had promised me things or make commitments to me and broke their promises. One of these situations involved some of the counselors on our spiritual counseling hotline. A number of people had committed to manning the hot lines during the holidays, and several of them just didn’t show up. I had not felt this anger towards them before. It was if it was all coming to the surface and wants. Doing what I do, I decided to feel that anger and frustration. I felt it fully and completely.

Afterwards, compassion filled my heart. I realized that they were not capable of keeping their promises to me. Just like I was incapable of keeping my promises in many different areas of my life. We were all doing the best we could. We all had good intentions, and we felt sincere about them, but we were not able to keep our promises to one another.

After my heart was filled with compassion, and I was no longer feeling angry, I allow the voice of God speak through me and give me a message to hold onto. What came through with a very beautiful message about the gap between what we oftentimes want and what we are able to receive or express in the world. The desire we often feel precedes our ability to actually have it in our lives, to commit, or to manifest what it is we seek. There is then a time lag as we open to receiving and manifesting a desire, until eventually it comes to fruition.

This is the case for nearly all of us. Stating our desired intentions is the 1st step. We might not be able to truly own them or have them in that moment, but acknowledging them is always the 1st step. That may involve verbally committing to something. Then, we spend our time moving towards it. It’s not something to be mad at or angry with when we cannot achieve it immediately. The more compassionate understanding we can have for ourselves and others, the easier it is to eventually get there. Beating ourselves up doesn’t help. Nor is it help our relationships with our friends and family when they don’t live up to their commitments.

In the end, having as much compassion towards ourselves and others is the best thing we can do.