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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Love is Always a Choice

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Love: This is Who/What we Truly are…even when situations present themselves to try to convince us this is NOT Who/What we Truly are, we are still Love.

It is challenging, though…and takes intention and determination to focus on the “NOW” and not buy into the thoughts that arise or our old tapes that want to keep playing because they are a habit in our lives. What else does it take?

It takes a true willingness to step out of judgment of what we become aware of in our everyday lives. We see the news media, we hear stories from other people who have something to share of an experience. We have instant access to Facebook, Twitter, and all the other international events that are occurring on a daily basis.

It takes a desire to shift into almost the polar opposite of what we become aware of in our daily experiences…and we can do this by stepping out of judgment of something that has occurred and begin to imagine the flip-side of the circumstance or event. And then we can move into appreciation for the “opportunity” for the Shift into the Truth of who we are…All Love.

Does this mean we shouldn’t have compassion for an occurrence that feels traumatic or “wrong?” Absolutely not! We can shift into compassion for the situation which, in turn, will help us begin to move into a place where we can begin to gradually imagine the opposite. Pretty soon, with enough practice and Intention and desire to feel more Love in our lives, this process of taking what we become aware of and using it as a catalyst to begin to appreciate the gift of being able to envision the opposite will become our first choice of experiencing our lives.

In regards to the recent event that happened at the movie theater in Colorado, when I step out of judgment of the situation, I can then begin to move into compassion for all involved, for the world, then gradually move my way up an emotional/feeling ladder to something that begins to feel more Loving, more hopeful, more trusting, more embodying of the miracles that are happening at a very deep level.

Here’s what I’ve shifted into this morning, and I hope it will inspire others to begin to envision more love in our world, to begin extending flavors of love through our feelings, through our relationship to an experience, and most importantly, to begin to do things differently now…Its an “All Hands on Deck” period in humanity, and we ALL are contributing not only to our life experience, but to all of those souls who come along after us. And they are a part of us, also. We can create a different experience right now in this Now moment.

I’m imagining a world where we all honor each other’s journey, where we look forward to contributing to each other’s life experience in a joyful, playful, loving way, paving the way for Heaven on earth for our children, their children, and on and on. I’m imagining a life experience SO full of miracles, exciting adventures, LOVE, joy, peace, and a feeling of Trust…Surrender to the wonderful things available to us…Faith that we are far greater, more loving Souls than we tend to believe. That love is the Truth of who we are, and we always have a choice of living life in that Truth or living a life that feels very separate from Love/God. I’m imagining that today, we all feel a glimpse of the Love/God that is always with us, have an actual awareness or experience of that Love/God and we begin to envision a world where we ALL felt this Love and wanted to do nothing more than share it with everyone else. It’s all possible — it is always a choice.

Begin to Imagine the possibilities of endless expressions of Love, for that is truly who we all are.