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Live Life More Abundantly! 20 Speaker Tele-Summit – FREE

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Live Life More Abundantly!

I don’t know what’s going, but people have been coming out of the woodwork these days asking me to be part of their teleseminars. I’ve now down three in three weeks! Recently, I was asked to be a part of a series called “Live Life More Abundantly!” I was interviewed for the series last week and really enjoyed the interview, so I wanted to share it with you. I think you will enjoy my talk on integration, spirituality, and abundance. What I said may surprise you! Below is more information about this FREE Tele-Summit. Click any link to check it out

Would you like to receive knowledge, insight, wisdom, techniques, and encouragement on how to Live Life More Abundantly!?

Live Life More Abundantly! starts March 28th and is a dynamic 5 day telesummit bringing you 20 phenomenal leading, cutting edge teachers, coaches, and best selling authors who will share with you knowledge, insight, wisdom, techniques, and encouragement on how to Live Life More Abundantly!

Each day will feature 4 speakers giving a presentation on how to Live Life More Abundantly! in these areas of your life:

  • Prosperity*
  • Spirituality*
  • Career*
  • Wellness*
  • Love/Relationships*

Each 15 minute presentation will be packed with information you can use in your life right away. A variety of wisdom from a variety of dynamic experts.

I am ready to Live Life More Abundantly!

Guest Speakers Include.

Guy Finley – Leading Author and Teacher of self realization
Dr. Pat Baccili – Host of The Dr. Pat Show
Howard Falco – Best Selling Author of I Am
Ester Nicholson – Dynamic Teacher of the 12 Keys To Freedom
DavidPaul Doyle – Leading Teacher and Author of The Voice For Love
Mark Romero – Composer of Transformational Music for Success
Debra Poneman – Dynamic Teacher of Yes! To Success
Leni Onkka – Dynamic Transformation Healer for Prosperity
Savitri – Leading Teacher of Purna Yoga Meditation
Stephanie Gunning – Dynamic Transformational Writing Coach
Dr. Jeffery Hull – Leading Coach of Leadership and High Performance
Holli Thompson – The Nutrition Stylist
Lynne Klippel – Dynamic Coach for Book Writing and Publishing
Ping Li – Dynamic Teacher and Coach of Divine Prosperity Energy
Plus More

Register now to receive the knowledge, the insights, the wisdom, the techniques, and encouragement from these experts on how to Live Life More Abundantly!

It is FREE to listen to the presentations. But if you want to continue to reap the benefits of this information and knowledge by having a copy of the recordings of the 20 presentations, there is now a special prepurchase price and bonuses available right now.

Part of living more abundantly is sharing in the abundance. 15% of the proceeds will be shared with these four organizations:

  • Smile Network International
  • Unstoppable Foundation
  • The Elephant Sanctuary
  • Bring On The Music

Plus a special sharing of the proceeds with a relief fund in Japan.

Register now to Live Life More Abundantly!