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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Little Love Riding Hood


I was sick at heart watching my grown daughter do battle in her own life. Her unhappiness was disheartening to me. I felt powerless to do anything but watch and pray. Frustrated and in pain I asked, “How can I see her experience differently?” This beautiful story I call “Little Love Riding Hood” was my answer:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who fell asleep. In her dream there were terrible creatures at every turn. She didn’t know where she was and all she wanted to do was go home. Home was where she was safe and beloved and alive with happiness, not here in the forest of her nightmares. If only there was a way she could find her way home!

As she was walking along the forest path she noticed a thick blue envelope adorned with loopy writing. This made her very curious. What was this doing in the forest? It did not belong. Squirrels and birds and trees belonged, but not a thick envelope the color of a robin’s egg. She decided that since it was just lying there in her path, maybe it was meant for her. So she sat down on a nearby log, fuzzy with moss, and began to read:

“Dearest Holy Child,

“I see your upturned face. Even as you are sleeping, burrowed, you are beginning to open to the experiences you are having in your dreams. You have asked for guidance in what seems a deep, dark forest of the drama of the unexpected.

“You are beginning to see clearings and light and especially, most gloriously, a path through the forest. There are still many unknown woodland creatures that startle and frighten you. You have wasted much time battling or running and hiding from these woodland friends, when they are the very ones sent to you for your help and guidance.

“The next time you are startled by the unexpected creature salivating on your path, fear not! This creature in all its hide and drama is a gift of instant reckoning — a moment in which you are reminded to pause and ask for guidance again.

“Even though you can begin to see ahead on your path (enough to know there is indeed a path), there are still pools of darkness surrounding you. There are also many other paths which crisscross yours like the thatched stitching on the edge of your cloak. These paths can distract or ruffle you. Fear not the other paths. Fear not the creatures on your path. It is your path because YOU are on it. Be committed to your own path. Be committed to learning to experience the joy, the camaraderie, and the unexpected pleasures of your own path. No one else’s path is quite like yours.

“Everyone is being guided. Every step, every stumble, every experience of vertigo is part of their guidance. Definitely, assuredly, completely, always. Each creature you find that seems to block your path has been sent to you specifically to enrich your awareness of your very own path. Give thanks for these beautiful ones; receive them as the gifts they truly are. You will be guided whether or not to have conversations or tea with these woodland friends or whether to step aside and let them rumble by, unimpeded by your presence.

“They, too, are on their path.

“Look for the hummingbird, for this dear little creature will most definitely guide you. It is the sign to open your eyes in wonder of the beauty that surrounds you. This humming gift, this clicking, zooming, diving friend, is sent to you to enjoy, to love, to greet and to allow. It needs nothing from you. Simply notice it, love it, marvel at its acrobatics, and thrill to the unusual but effective mating dance.

“This dear little bird is a king amongst the fauna—powerful, rapidly maneuvering, and delighted in its own hummingbird-ness. You can always trust this dear one. It will not lead you astray. She will only remind you of your own path and its attendant gifts and treasures. Give thanks for this one. She is your spirit animal. No harm will befall her; no harm can come to you.

“Enjoy the dance and love your path. The path of another is also glorious and not to be pitied in any way. For that one not only chose her path but revels in it. Her path is not her prison; her path is her cathedral, her place of glory and worship.

“You, too, can glory and worship your truth and being. You are a marvel and a part of the Big Marvel.

“Fear Not Your Path.

“Love all the woodland creatures.

“Ask for guidance.

“Ask if you feel uncertain. Ask if you feel certain.

“Ask for fun. Ask for adventure. Ask for peace.

“ASK – Always Send the King.”

As she finished reading the beautiful letter, the little girl knew she was awake now from what had merely been a bad dream. All she had to do was ask and all would be revealed. Oh happiness of happinesses! She was always being guided! And she was already home.

Epilogue: It is true. All I ever have to do is ask. Ask and ye shall receive: answers, guidance, blessings, and peace.