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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Learning to Relate to a Narcissistic Parent

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Bethany: “How do I deal with my narcissistic mother? Yesterday I asked my inner guidance and the answer I received was to pull all of my emotional energy out of this relationship. Would this serve my spiritual development? And if yes, how?”

The Voice for Love: “Blessings to you, dear One. When consulting us within, always remember that we speak to you out of Love and not out of fear. Trust what you hear that feels loving.

“To remove yourself from the relationship of fear with your mother is merely to disengage your judgment of her, as well as your judgment of yourself with respect to her. Trust that both of you, in your reality, are part of God’s children. Each of you generates your own experience of life.

“While your personality might not accept her choices of life expression, it is helpful to both of you to withdraw your expectations of worldly consequences that follow from your judgments of any situation. Instead, give thought and focus only to the fact that she and you are both extensions of God’s Love, and any experiences you and she have, are temporary and not definitive of reality.

“When dealing with your mother, look past her choices to see her reality. Accept her own ownership of her choices. Treat her as the child of God she is, and overlook the rest. You cannot assume ownership of her choices in order to somehow change them. You can only show her she is loved and respect that she is Love.

“Whatever decision you might make with respect to living arrangements, do so with love instead of fear. Such fear can be for your mother or yourself or both. Know that you, as the extension of God’s Love, are safe in whatever you decide. Even if the decision is made from fear, you are safe. Eventually, as you come to experience your own loving reality as your identity, your experience of your mother and your circumstances will change accordingly.

“Be at peace. Trust your inner guidance and allow its further guidance to implement the way in which you withdraw your involvement with the dramas of others. Always ask yourself, ‘Can this be loving?’ Another way of saying this is, ‘Does this feel natural to who I really am?’ Remember that physical withdrawal does not equate to withdrawing your love.

“We love you and will always support you when you choose to be with us.”