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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Karma and Free Will

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Edward: “I have almost all my answers by now, but there are a few questions that still bug me. If we choose our own lives and each soul signs a contract… if each soul is pure… then how come some of us go into darkness after death? Are some souls repeating lessons over and over again? Does every soul experience its Godliness upon physical death and, if not, then why do some souls remain in darkness? What about the souls which are so negative and hateful that they spew hatred and suck others’ energy? Have they agreed to or come into such an existence to work out Karma or out of choice?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, we want you to know you are a blessing to us. Your sincere search for a way to explain the trappings of the ego is but a cry for Love, which you already possess. We ask you to call upon the Love within you and be in the awareness of that Love as you seek to understand these matters by building a structure that describes the drama of life as a human.

“With each question you have asked, what does the posing of that question mean to you? What are you feeling with respect to the question and any possible answer to it? The answers to your questions do not lie at the same level as they are asked, but are invitations to an awareness of a larger, more encompassing answer that is reachable to you, within you.

“If your quest to build a structure to understand your perceptions helps you to summon up the Love that you are, and helps you to experience who you are as an extension of God’s Love, then use that structured explanation as a tool in this world. When deeper understanding comes to you, as it unfolds for all, then be willing to modify the assumptions of your structured explanation, as needed to help yourself and others grow in awareness of Love’s Presence.

“Remember that the ego’s belief in separation always results in incomplete explanations, and always generates dilemmas that are based on dualistic assumptions. Yet, we wish you to know that the darkness you envision is not reality, though it may be an experience some choose. It is not your reality, nor is it the reality of any extension of God’s Love.

“There is nothing that exists outside of God’s Love. The choice to experience a gap in God’s Love is a choice to experience that which does not exist in reality. Such a choice is merely a way to learn about Self by means of contrast. This you already know in your Heart of hearts. So we ask you to be at peace with all these questions, and to rest within true Self awareness as you look upon and reach a deeper understanding of the experience of the lack of Reality. For that is the explanation of that which you call ‘darkness.’

As is written in A Course in Miracles, ‘Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God.’ Please rest in this knowledge, dear one, and allow the Love of God within you to bring you peace.”