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Sane, Slim and Gorgeous Bootcamp

“Just Three Nights into The New Year and…” by Daphne Cohn, Pleasure Nutritionist

It was only three nights into the New Year when I just broke down crying.
The year had just begun and I was feeling the “New Year Pressure.”

You know what I’m talking about? The pressure that says,  “This year everything’s gonna be different.  I’m going to be loving and forgiving and generous and kind. So don’t screw it up.” That kind of pressure.

So, of course, I’d already lost it three times in two hours.
I don’t work best under pressure.

And the last little fit I threw was over moisturizer. MOISTURIZER!

My dear husband, in an effort to tidy up the bathroom, (yes, on his own with no prodding from me) had washed out the jar containing my moisturizer. My 7-year old son buried his head under the blankets so he wouldn’t hear his mama yelling like a banshee in every room of the house. It was, says Sister Sage Alison Armstrong, “the rage monster” breaking loose.

And that’s when I broke down crying.

Something in me just switched. The yelling, the screaming, the stomping. It got to be too much.  I was flooded with shame, sadness and regret.

You know how people see their lives flash before their eyes?
Well, I saw my anger flash before my eyes and it wasn’t pretty. I saw what I was doing to all these beautiful beings in my life, including Numero Uno, ME. In that moment I saw that I just couldn’t keep carrying on like this. I realized I am starting to love myself too much to keep inflicting pain so unconsciously on all those around me.

No more!
It’s enough.

Now, I’m not so naive to think that one crying episode is going to end a lifelong habit of turning fear into anger. No, I get it. It’s a process. But what I do think is that there is nothing so powerful as self-love. NOTHING.

And so that is why I am down on my knees grateful for the brilliance, the courage, the wisdom and the guidance of these stunningly beautiful Sister Sages showing all of us how to shine. How to shut down the rage monster and be radiant, gorgeous gals. And that’s why I can’t wait (seriously, I’m jumping up and down in anticipation over here) to share with you, for free, 26 unbelievable, magnificent, wise women who are going to walk you through:

  • cultivating your curves and owning that beautiful body of yours
  • permanent fat loss and ending “negative body obsession”
  • how to talk to a man (and how to listen) to get what you both want
  • becoming your own money goddess
  • loving for no reason at all
  • adding more “ing” to your life
  • putting pleasure in your daily plan
  • and SO, SO much more

I swear, if it wasn’t for these women I would never have broken down crying.
I would have just kept screaming and yelling and hating myself. I would have. But I didn’t.

Let’s reclaim our power, Sister. Together.  It all starts on Monday, February 28, 2011.