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Jean Adrienne’s InnerSpeak cards

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Hi everyone. I hope you are great today. I have something I’d like to tell you about. My friend and colleague, Jean Adrienne, develops some really beautiful card sets for healing and spiritual connection. She recently released some brand-new cards that I’d like to share with you. They are called InnerSpeak cards and Reconnecting Soul – DNA Activation Glyphs..

InnerSpeak Cards are intended for clearing and releasing your blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. If you find yourself in old patterns of thinking and believing that cause challenge and stress in your life, her cards are specifically designed to help you figure out what those blocks are and then release them for good. The 72 card deck comes with an instruction booklet to guide you through the clearing process.

The other card deck that Jean has recently created is called Reconnecting Soul – DNA Activation Glyphs! This new 142 card DNA activation deck is really beautiful. You simply choose the card you want to work with and meditate on the glyph. Combined with your intentions, the glyphs are designed to activate your Christ Consciousness within you. Jean has some great information on her website about this process. Click here to watch a little video about the DNA Activation Glyphs.

Jean’s core purpose is to help people awaken to the truth of who they are. For more information about her work and her cards, I encourage you to visit her website above. Have a fantastic day!!