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Jason Gregory on Love, Beingness, and What is

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Dear friends,

Jason Gregory is a member of our Voice for Love mailing you list, just like you. He recently wrote a lovely article on love, beingness, and what is, and I’d love to share it with you…

"Love is only one word, but a most powerful word with so many meanings and also no meanings. Love is ‘What is’, and it also is what it is not. Collectively we have lost touch with love and the truth behind it and we have isolated this most profound sense. We have all been born into this world through our Mother’s womb and then we all have been consciously born into this world under the illusion of limitations. Out of our limitations fear is born unconsciously in all of us and then the ego is born. The ego’s main job is to suppress the spirit which within the spirit there is only love and unity. How can we understand our ego or our spirit? It is this understanding which will bring about, "What is".

Our waking ego everyday consciously or unconsciously creates the world we live in. Certain powerful people in the world know that we are born into a world of limitations either unconsciously by the collective population or by design. These certain powerful people know how to feed and manipulate the ego. Out of this manipulation fear is born and out of this fear, division is its holy son. We are divided all over the world with almost anything. The ego loves division because the ego only can see the world in the physical sense. The ego will not let us go back into the spirit because it believes what it views in the mirror is all that is. Even saying this we are bringing about a division between the ego and the spirit. Maybe there needs to be a total understanding of the significance of both or more importantly a total understanding of everything in our world not just the ego and the spirit.

As long as there is division, the ego will thrive and we will never know that truth inside all of us. The ego loves to attach titles and names to itself, it loves to express that it is from this country or I believe in this religion or I have this much money in the bank or I am a supermodel and so on. When we say such things do we have a total understanding of these things or is the ego segregating you from everything else? When we see something remarkable or beautiful in our world the ego still finds a way to drive a wedge of division in our mind. When we see a beautiful piece of art or unbelievable craftsmanship, when does the ego interfere? One example is let’s say when we see a beautiful car or a beautiful person, we get a great sensation from such beauty, but when does that great sensation turn into, "I want to buy that car", or "I want to sleep with that person"? The spirit inside us does not do such a thing because it sees only love and never wants to take advantage of such a great sensation. It is the ego that brings the split in our mind, sensation turns into greed not straight away but in a very subtle way. The ego even divides within itself; it is a very misunderstood characteristic of the human psyche.

Maybe to best understand the ego would be to examine our belief structures in our environment. We need to step off the coin and observe and understand ourselves and our environment. With religion there seems to be a total misunderstanding between each belief.

Religion used to stand for once upon a time what was right and what was moral, but over time it manifested into a gross form of bigotry. We have to remind ourselves that even if we are to have religion that most of them spring from the same source. Look at our three major Semitic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, they all come from the same source, ‘The Old Testament’, and for some reason all three have slaughtered each other for centuries. Why is this? Out of all this religious confusion the Atheist was born, the other side of the coin. An Atheist is nothing more than another religious expression, just somebody who wants to be part of a group or sect, all the while pushing their own beliefs. All religions including Atheism are merely an expression of the ego, because what the ego does is it protects whatever it thinks it believes, so of course it will resist any other alternative view. There may be a place in our world for religion if only we could unite in a partnership society, but as time has shown us this is not possible with an ego centered mind.

Nationalism is another great form of religion. We love to support our nation or we violently oppose another. We never really understand the significance of what it is to be part of a nation, state or city. When we understand Nationalism, we understand Imperialism is born out of Nationalism; it’s just natural in the ego to have personal gain. Personal gain in this case is in the group sense, where we have rich people getting richer, poor people getting poorer and larger nations taking over smaller nations, it’s basically history constantly repeating itself. Out of this nationalistic imperialistic behavior, the rebel is born, the revolution.

There always seems to be a revolution that opposes a certain government or regimes set of beliefs all the while trying to promote their own beliefs. But isn’t the rebel or the revolution just the opposite side of the coin? The answer is yes, the revolution is just the opposite side of the coin, so all that truly happens is the faces change and we have a new set of rules to follow maybe to a lesser degree. Hence we are still limited with new conditions to follow and with new divisions for our mind. The real revolution is a revolution within us, consciousness.

In the end all a country, religion, revolution and so on are, are just beliefs. It is only our power of belief in our ego which creates the world we choose to perceive. Our power of belief in our ego had created the divisions in our mind which keep our world and ourselves separate from everything else. Sometimes we create such divisions because we yearn for peace on Earth, but the very fact we create a division in the name of peace, is the reason we do not have peace. It’s only another form of separation from everything else. So we come back to our power of beliefs which keep us limited and dividing. The answer to why these beliefs keep us limited and dividing is all in the word, "Belief".

We have the power to believe in anything, but in the end it is only a belief, it has no true connection to the truth. This is why we say, "We believe", instead of. "This is the truth". We want love in our life but love has no division or limitations, that’s the truth. Our ego is what keeps us separated from everything else which divides us from everything and holds us back from true success.
Our ego views true success with our status in society, be it through which car we own or how big our bank account is, all the while holding us back from the truth of, ‘What is’. This view of success couldn’t be further from the truth. To actually have a status in society higher than somebody else is a division within itself. True success is to understand on a quantum level our true nature to consciousness and reality. The knowledge of Quantum Physics has been suppressed to the masses because of one paradigm shattering fact which proves through science that we are all one. This means that we are one with the plants, animals and each other, and this is not limited to just Earth we are also one with the cosmos, we are all part of one massive intergalactic tango. This is what it means to step into the infinite, we have no limits, and the universe is ours. Consciousness is how our dreams become reality. We need to appreciate the food and the life the Earth gives us. We need to love all the animals and each other because to harm or hate one another would be to harm or to hate oneself. This is what it means to have true success, to be one with everything in our world, because when we are one with everything else there is only love.

This astonishing truth will bring about peace in our world, inner and outer, but we have to understand that our consciousness creates our reality. So this means if we are all one, it only takes one person to have a radical change in their consciousness to change the whole pattern of the collective consciousness and the universe. This means if we want peace on Earth, we have to become peace on Earth. We have to become the change we want in this world. We have to change the way our emotions and feelings are towards everything else. We have to become that Loving, Compassionate and Forgiving person, and then we will know true freedom.

‘What is’, is only a change of consciousness away. Unconsciously we all know ‘What is’, but we have all been divided up and separated from our true oneness. There is only ‘What is’. ‘What is’, is the greatest miracle there is. The miracle is you and you who are love which is…’What is’.

© Copyright 2010 Jason Gregory.  All rights reserved. 

Jason Gregory has lived in the East for many years. He learned eastern philosophy and eastern traditions in such places as India, Nepal and Thailand. He is an expert in Esoteric teachings and Philosophy. His experience in life has taken me to Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, Sth Korea, Hong Kong, Nepal, Thailand, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. He also plays Djembe/African Drum. Now living back in Australia, he is continuing his own practice of meditation and writing.