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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Is the Infilling of Holy Spirit Permanent in Our Lives?


Sebastian: “I am a Christian involved in the Renewal movement. However, I need some help from your prayerful reflections on how to realize in our actual life that we have received or infilled with Holy Spirit. Is there any way of identifying this experience? Is the infilling of Holy Spirit permanent in our life or is it a day to day experience?”

The Voice for Love: “You ask the questions of greatest moment to all who walk in this life at this time. Your seeking is valued and honored, and you do very well to open your heart in this way. For that is what you are doing now, opening your heart for a renewal of faith in God, a renewing and re-knowing of love, joy, and peace for your journey.

“The infilling of Holy Spirit is both permanent AND a day to day experience, dear one. By your very breath you have received the Holy Spirit into your being, for all are infilled. Whether each will recognize the infilling and honor it in their lives is the true question, for it is accessible to all. God would deny no one His Spirit; it is His gift given unto the world for its salvation.

“All have received the infilling of the Holy Spirit for their journey on this earth. But just as the air that is breathed by each body cannot be seen, though it sustains every life, so Holy Spirit is unseen to the eye though breathed by each soul in every moment. How, then, does one know and experience the Holy Spirit’s presence?

“First, that Presence must be acknowledged, and this is a choice made by each being on their journey. Each one will make this choice for themselves at the moment that is right for them. You have made this choice, dear one, and now are ready to experience Holy Spirit’s presence in your life.

“Know that Holy Spirit is Love and only Love. Therefore, all expressions of love are Holy Spirit expressing through you. These expressions have myriad forms: a gentle conversation, a comforting hand, a warm embrace, an encouraging word, a shared laugh. Holy Spirit is always within you, seeking expression through you, to extend Its Light into a dark world.

“The clearest identifier of an experience of Holy Spirit is simple peace. When Holy Spirit has been expressed by one and opened unto by another, peace is always the result. Both giver and receiver will feel an inner ease of mind, a letting go. The troubled heart will gladden and release its pain. Always know, dear one, when peace abides, Holy Spirit’s presence has been shared.

“Your journey is unfolding perfectly, dearest brother, and you are loved beyond measure now and always. Thank you for your question, and peace and blessings to you.”