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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Is It Wrong for Me to Have a New Relationship?


Briana: “I am divorced and have become very close to a man who has gone through a tough time in his marriage and has been separated for a while now. We are very fond of each other, but I am worried about what my ex-husband may think if he finds out I am seeing someone else. I am always worrying about what other people may think of me. This man says he doesn’t want to upset my life as I have young children to rear and they are always going to be my first priority. I think my fear of introducing another man into my children’s life will always worry me. Now I feel I don’t know where I’m going. I trust God but right now my heart feels heavy. Can you shed some light on my situation?”

The Voice for Love: “My most beloved child, thank you for searching for the Truth and Love that is All There Is, and that is also within you, even if you may not always be fully and consciously aware of this. It is this Truth and Love, which is your true essence, that is urging you to find peace and serenity in this situation. Your heart knows what is best for you and yet at times you are afraid to listen to its gentle whisperings that offer you comfort, wisdom, and a sense of security. There is a constant conflict between your mind and your heart, you see.

“Your mind will tell you that you are unworthy of experiencing happiness; your heart will tell you that it is your divine heritage to feel joy and contentment.

“Your mind will lead you to seek the approval of others, to be accepted, admired and loved; your heart will tell you that no matter who you think you are or whatever you believe you may or may not have done, you will always have God’s approval, admiration and Love – and that is sufficient!

“Your mind will tell you that you may have acted unwisely or that there is something to hide; your heart will tell you that every step that you have ever taken was perfect as it was and there is nothing to hide, for it sees only your purity and innocence.

“My precious one, it is time for you to quieten the chatter of your mind and raise the volume of the Voice for Truth and Love that speaks from your heart. Listen to what it is saying, for it knows your deepest desires and will help manifest them to the highest good for all.

“Allow this new relationship to unfold naturally and spontaneously like the petals of a flower, step by step with grace and harmony, gently allowing it to develop and evolve, without force but with the firm intention of accompanying it and enabling it to take its course along the path it has chosen. Do not stifle it with the fear of being judged, criticized, condemned or rejected, but be true to your innermost feelings and sensations. They are your compass and they are guiding you through the fog of doubt and confusion into the Light of full awareness.

“Your heart knows what is best for you; listen to it therefore, My child. It may exhort you to take a step into the unknown and, in doing so, to be willing to lay aside all memories of past painful experiences. For when you step into new realms, you must do so with a free heart and mind, ready to encounter and receive whatever may present itself without any prejudice or preconceived ideas, but with the openness and wonder of a child, eager to explore, discover, learn and move forward.

“Most of all, look upon yourself with the eyes of Love. Know that you are worthy of receiving and experiencing the very best that life can offer you, without any feelings of guilt or shame, and embrace this Truth with joy and gratitude. Listen to your heart. I am there, guiding you every single step of the way. And if you are willing to have Trust and Faith in Me, then you will know exactly how to proceed along the path towards freedom and fulfillment: freedom from the fears that have so far prevented you from experiencing peace and serenity; fulfillment because you will have reached the summit of your dreams.

“Know that you are loved immensely and that you yourself are Love. Peace and blessings, now and forever. Amen.”